NFTopia Virtual Reality event is on this weekend (4-5 November 2023).

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NFTopia on today and tomorrow!

Come join @cryptoshots.nft and many other #games at @thenftopia #crypto Weekend Virtual Reality event! Tons of AMA's, Livestreams and Prizes available over the weekend and it's easy to login using Google or Facebook, or you can join as a 'Guest' 🚀

You can login by using the NFTopia Website link :

For more information please see this extremely informative post by Crypto-Shots official:
>> Crypto Shots representing HIVE @ The NFTOPIA - plus HIVE AMA with @crimsonclad <<

Below you'll be able to see some screenshots from NFTopia as I have been running around getting a head-start on everyone else!




Let's get the word out by Tweeting about #nftopia or just ReTweet my Tweet below. I know Twitter is now called 'X' but everyone still says 'Tweet' 🐦

If you'd like more information about @thgaming Guild and our Tokenisation please keep reading otherwise we look forward to seeing you at the VR Event this weekend!

Tokenisation - February 2022

After minting the $THGAMING Token in February 2022, we had some early buy-ins and saw our wallet numbers and liquidity expand rapidly. It's been an incredibly difficult two years for crypto, but we've managed to find a sober distribution policy for $THGAMING and controlled our Tokenisation (Token Economy) as much as humanly possible, with just over 4.8% minted.

Important 2022 Token Updates:

To prepare for the next bull market, we'll continually develop use-cases for $THGAMING to increase demand for our token. We have plans to increase distribution (minting) mechanisms once the $HIVE (crypto) market and the robustness of $THGAMING can handle this.

2023 Social Media Numbers & Growth

In April (2022) we evaluated our Social Media numbers in This Post, so feel free to read it if you have the time. Using this previous post as a basis, we've summarized and compared our growth (below) across our major SM Channels. We also have our own Twitch Account but have not started streaming there, yet. We currently prefer to support already established Play2Earn streamers from within our guild.

All social media accounts can be found on our Official Linktree Page.


Future Plans, 2023 and Beyond

We will continue to increase use-cases for our token, incorporating $THGAMING into more gaming economies. The bigger we grow as a guild, the more games will want to work with us, and it is my belief that one day $THGAMING will become a Hive Utility token usable in many different gaming ecosystems. Once we have considerable Hive support, we will look at expanding our cross-chain strategies, traversing into popular gaming chains such as $WAX, $ETH, $MATIC and $BNB.

In 2023, we will strive to connect with more games and relevant crypto platforms on $HIVE as well as other blockchains. This includes taking the time to research each project thoroughly and never go 'all in'. Many projects will fail in the long run, and we don't want to be dragged down with them. We will endeavor to bring opportunities to our Guild Members and will never use the $THGAMING token as leverage in loans (this is what destroyed the FTX Exchange recently). We will continue to self fund our own development, manage our crypto assets carefully, and help to build up and support the Hive chain as much as possible. Our success relies on $HIVE's success, and perhaps one day @thgaming will be integral to the Hivechain's development and expansion.

Wrap Up

As always and MOST IMPORTANTLY, do not spend any money / crypto you can't afford to lose! The global crypto market is undergoing what could be a long term bear cycle (more sellers than buyers), and everyone should be preparing for the long haul.

During the current bear market, Threshold Guardian Gaming will continue to innovate and collaborate while rigorously developing our token, guild and economy.

If you would like to join THGaming and explore the #metaverse with us, our social media links are below.

Trade safely, Game hard! 🚀


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