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The Hive blockchain rocks! crimsonclad on stage @ The NFTopia

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As you may or may not know,

Crypto Shots purchased a big boot at the NFTopia (free) virtual convention and dedicated half of the floor space to promoting HIVE in general.

What an opportunity to showcase HIVE to an audience mainly focused on the WAX ecosystem !



Our 2 main events were:

1. @crimsonclad on stage talking about all things Hive

Spoiler: she nailed it!     @crimsonclad is set as 100% beneficiary of THIS post   👈



Post HERE.   @valueplan set as 50% beneficiary and @thenftopia 25%   👈

This post is about the former!




Our talk on stage is getting summarized in a new post called TEAM UPDATES and FUTURE PLANS, since that's mostly what I discussed.

Stay tuned!


I want to extend my gratitude to all the Hiveians who attended and were in the audience chatting with all the folks that hung out at our booth!

Eg. @mickvir @crypto-zard @beccss @simplegame

If they comment below, please consider upvoting them 😎

@crimsonclad is set as 100% beneficiary of this post.
Show her some love for being such a great speaker at Hive events!   And she's awesome in general!   🤟🖤

sniper (@gaottantacinque)
& the Crypto Shots team

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