Achieving one more goal in Rising Star

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Hi again Rockstars, in this post I will show another one of my goals that I achieved in Rising Star, to release County Tour.

Everyone who plays the game should already know that there are 4 zones in Buskeria, they are: Home Town, Local Gig Circuit, County Tour and Country Tour.

  • One of my most recent goals was to unlock the County Tour zone and for that I needed to reach level 75 to unlock the last mission of the Local Gig Circuit zone (Band Auditions) and complete it until I managed to unlock all my band members. It wasn't an easy mission because you only have a 10% chance of releasing 1 band member after completing the mission and I needed to unlock 4 members, so the odds were not in my favor and each mission took 240 minutes to complete, so I I had to do it several times until I finally managed to release all the members and unlock the County Tour zone.

But I believe I was lucky because I only needed to complete the mission 10x and I've heard other players say that they had to complete it more than 60x, I think I spent all my luck with this mission and that's why I was unlucky opening the packs yesterday.

Now that I have unlocked the County Tour zone my next destination will be to unlock the Country Tour zone and I believe it will be a long journey to get there, but for now I will accumulate my Starbits earned from missions to increase my fan numbers soon and now that I have unlocked more one zone I have one more 5 minutes mission to accomplish, and they are my favorite because they give a good amount of Starbits and they don't take much time, so now I can increase my Starbits earnings even more, but first I need to reach level 80 to accomplish the mission.

My ego is still at 4% but it shouldn't be long before I get to 0% as I gain a good amount of Skills per music lesson.

I still have to be careful with the drunk fans because they make my ego very high, so I will stop doing the normal quests and will focus on music lessons to gain as much skill as possible so that I don't have to worry about my ego. so early.

My Band is finally Complete

For now I'm just accumulating Starbits so I won't be buying cards or packs anytime soon because I can still do 47 more Starbits Millionaire missions, I hope to have more luck next time I open new packs.



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