Growing my fans and my goals in Rising Star

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Hi Rockstars, it's been a while since my last update on Rising Star and I have to admit that I haven't been very active in the game lately but I haven't given up on achieving stardom and my struggle in the game is still going on.

I'm currently at level 77 and it's not such a low level but I believe I would be at level 100 or more if I hadn't slowed down my pace, the important thing is that I get there little by little.

My last investment in the game was also a few months ago and I decided that it was time to invest a little more in the game for 2 reasons, the first is that I still believe in Rising Star and that it still has a lot to offer, especially when the Hive blockchain becomes even bigger, the second reason is the millionaire mission which in my case was almost reaching the limit of missions that I can do based on my number of fans, so to continue doing this mission I need to get more fans and to this need to invest in new cards.

To increase my number of fans I had 2 options: buy cards on the marketplace or open packs. In my opinion, I think that buying the cards directly on the marketplace is the best option because you can make more exact calculations and even save without relying on luck, but it's been a long time since I opened packs and also the new seasonal mission caught my attention so I left the calculations aside and just believed that I would be lucky enough to reach the amount of fans I wanted (25000 fans).

I had 19045 fans and to get the 25000 that was my goal I would need to get 5955 fans so I just thought 50 packs would be enough for that and that was the amount I decided to invest, 50 packs cost me 420000 Starbits.

The result of my packs were not good at all, I managed to have the bad luck of not getting any epic or legendary cards to increase my fans, not even any vehicles and honestly I didn't expect such a bad result but even so it was still fun to open the packs packs.

The best cards I got were:

The only epic card I got was an instrument but I'm going to sell it because I'm collecting guitars for music lessons.

My goal of reaching 25000 fans wasn't achieved but it's not a big problem because now I can do a good amount of millionaire missions before buying more packs or cards, for now I'll be content with this amount of fans and I'll also sell the non-guitar instrument cards and I will be hoarding the Starbits to buy more packs or cards in the near future.

My Strategy

My strategy for the game is very simple, I will do the millionaire mission daily and that will guarantee me 10000 starbits per day (+10% with the Starpro bonus) in addition to this mission I will also do some short missions to be able to increase my earnings but my focus will be on long quests because I don't have much time to do many quests in the day.

My goal is to earn an average of 18000 Starbits per day, I will use part of them in the music promoter to earn Starpro and continue earning the 10% bonus in the millionaire mission and the rest of the starbits I will accumulate to buy cards or packs.

My ego is also at 3% so I will take music lessons whenever possible to keep my ego at 0% and maximize my earnings.

For now this is my strategy, it's simple but effective and it allows me to increase my assets in Rising Star without having to buy Starbits in the external market since my new investments in the game come from my earnings in the missions.

Now I have 48 millionaire missions left before I need to grow my fans again.


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