My Favorite Gladius Card

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Quora Towershead is a name that all active players of brawls in Splinterlands must have seen at least 1x in battles, there is no way you can forget this card because it will be the reason for your hatred if it is on the opposing team and it will be your happiness when it is on your battle team.

Quora Towershead is extremely powerful, she has 2 types of attack (Magic and Melee), she has a large amount of health, a good amount of speed and the abilities Heal and Bloodlust.

  • The Heal ability is represented by the image on the left, it will make Quora Towershead have the ability to heal for 1/3 of its maximum health 1x per round. The greater the life of Quora Towershead, the greater the healing, the minimum healing value is 2.,

  • The Bloodlust ability is represented by the image on the right, it will make Quora Towershead gain +1 to all its stats whenever it defeats a card, remembering that only cards defeated by Quora Towershead will activate its Bloodlust ability.

Quora Towershead is a card that can only be obtained through Gladius Cases, it is an epic card that belongs to the land deck.


In battle she is extremely strong and useful, her attack is high and can be even higher because of the Bloodlust ability and she is also an excellent defense since she has a lot of health and the Heal ability.

In this battle example I chose Quora Towershead and placed it in the third position because there is the Noxious Fumes rule, so all the cards are poisoned and will suffer 2 damage after the end of each round. In the third position Quora Towershead will only be able to attack with her magic attack and the reason I placed her there is because she will be able to restore her health with the Heal ability after taking damage from the Noxious Fumes rule, so I'm just buying time for her because when she reaches the first position she will be my main defense and also my main chance of victory.

This is just one of the examples where Quora Towershead is useful, in normal battles it will also be a good choice.


In this battle only melee cards are allowed because of the Up Close & Personal rule, as Quora Towershead has melee attack it can be selected even if it also has magic attack.

My strategy was to have placed her in the last position so that I could take the maximum advantage of her magic attack and also for her to be my last card in the battle and also my last chance of victory.

Quora Towershead is an amazing card and you won't regret having her in your battles.


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