Rising Star - Buying 250 fans, Spent 3000 Starbits in Music Promoter and Progress Update #55

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Hello Hive community and Rising Star players. In this post I will show my progress in the Rising Star game.

In case you don't know and are wondering what Rising Star is then let me give you a brief explanation to make you curious and learn more about this amazing game.

Rising Star is a Blockchain Hive game that is focused on music, in which you are able to create your band, perform shows, tour and earn Starbits which is one of the game's tokens and you can sell it on the Hive Engine.

I am currently level 63 and have unlocked the Home Town and Local Gig Circuit zones.

If you already know Rising Star or want to start playing and want to know which strategy I am currently using in the game then read my post My new strategy for Rising Star where I will show in detail the calculations for my daily progress in the game.

Game progress on 09/18/2022

Increased numbers of fans:

As I mentioned in my current strategy post, I will be adding 250 fans daily that will be bought in the market.

Numbers of Starbits spent on Music Promoter:

Daily I will be spending 3000 Starbits on Music Promoter to earn 0.03 StarPro which will be useful for me to earn 10% bonus on the STARBITS Millionaire mission.

Completed missions:

Local Mini Tour Support4577439
STARBITS Millionaire1110000

My Current Goals in Rising Star

  • Own 20000 fans (Days to reach: 20)

  • Unlock the County Tour zone

  • Own 10000 Lucky with Guitars - 5000 currently (Not a priority)

  • Keep my ego always at 0%

If you still don't know the game and want to start playing you can access the site using my referral link below (optional).

Access: Rising Star

See you Rock Star in my next Progress

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Excellent post my friend as always!! Hoy much Starpro do u need for a 10% bonus? And why do u spend 3k ?Cheers! $PIMP

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To get the 10% bonus you need to have the equivalent of (Starpro = 1000 Starbits) . Example: if 1000 Starbits is the equivalent of 0.01 Starpro and you have completed 10 Starbits Millionaire Mission then you will need 0.11 Starpro to earn the bonus when performing the mission again. This value is changeable, so if 1000 Starbits is equivalent to 0.03 Starpro you will need 0.33 Starpro to earn the bonus after completing 10 Starbits Millionaire missions.

I admit that my post is a little out of date on the Music Promoter part because when I started my goal 1000 Starbits was equivalent to 0.03 Starpro so the initial amount I started depositing into Music Promoter was this and since then I have only increased the number of Starbits deposited on Music Promoter because I had read the mission changes wrong, so I set a fixed value of 0.03 Starpro to get the bonus. This value is wrong and I will update it along with a new post that I will make shortly after completing my goal of 20,000 fans.

But the reason to keep depositing 3000 Starbits despite the amount is wrong and the necessary for the bonus to be only 1000 Starbits is because I believe that Starpro will have much more usefulness in the future than Starbits (the team itself mentioned this in one of their posts a few months ago who were excited about a new use for Starpro).

Regarding the Starbits Millionaire mission and the bonus I will leave their official post in case you want to read: Changes to the Starbits Millionaire Mission

Thanks for reminding me. I will make changes to my posts soon ;)


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