Travel Day! Good Bye For Now Oregon!

I will miss these two goobers...


See you two in three weeks or three months. I am a bit over cannabis and will be nice to get away from it. I actually want to focus on work and being sharp. Getting old is funny, I really don't want cannabis like I once did. Maybe also because perspective is key and this job is more important than I remembered. I love challenges and working. Just not politics.

But really this Neurofeedback that I did last year really has helped me see how cannabis affects me. I really dont need those effects while trying to run my brain at 100mph safely.


Checking In With Southwest

The wait for checking in bags and security checks was not that bad. The lines moved fast and I even was able to do the process twice because a wrench was too long, I had to go and put it in my checked bag instead of my carry on.


The Eugene, Oregon Airport

The Eugene Airport is small. What I like about it other than it's small town charm, is the art to fill the walls here. In Vegas it's all mostly suggestive sexual imagery.




Of course, I need to grab a coffee. While waiting for this flight to board I figured why not drink some coffee to blog better and to be as lucid as possible before entering a flying sardine can for a two hour trip 30'000 feet in the air.

Grab A Coffee And Hive on...



Right before boarding my flight, I got a very nice and warm text message from my labor coordinator in Las Vegas. This was a pretty cool gesture. Feels good to be welcomed/wanted, even if it is for one show or hopefully 3-4 months.


Everything but the landing was smooth with my flight

I had an aisle seat on the plane. Once I was buckled up I stopped taking pictures. I felt it was rude to take pictures in such cramped quarters. I did manage to get this picture of the wing however, lol.


Once I landed, it was go time. I was under intense time constraints. I had to check into the airbnb hostel and pick up groceries. Luckily, my buddy's dad picked me up. Unluckily, my airbnb was a really gross place. Dirty dishes, rotten food in a small smokey stagnate room with 4 people. It was bad. I had to run from it. Luckily, I have a back up plan on my buddy's goat farm outside of town. Yup, same one I used to live at.




I Start Work Tomorrow.

Pictures of the Las Vegas Strip and casinos will start to come tomorrow.


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