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Gavrino is the next village of the bush, which is administratively defined in exactly the same way as the previous one. We can say that it stands at the confluence of the Yug and Luza rivers.

All the signs indicated that an abandoned village lay ahead of me.

Fields overgrown with ivan-tea.

The ruins of a collapsed house meeting on the approach to the village.

A road barely visible in the tall grass.

But here, as it turned out, people live, and in several houses.

Even the technique of Soviet times has been preserved.

It seems to me that it is used for its intended purpose to this day!

In one of the houses a door opened and a pleasant woman came out and asked about the purpose of our visit.

The woman's appearance, as well as her colloquial speech, hinted that she was not a local resident.

But it doesn't matter to me. The main thing is the very fact of the presence of people in this village has already knocked out of the rut and discouraged the desire to stay here for a long time.

I also photograph residential villages, but these are different moods (frequencies, dimensions), so I just wasn't ready or in tune.

Well, nothing, there are a couple of places ahead where the probability of meeting a person is much lower.

To be continued...