Ohio Fall Colors at the Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum in Springfield

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Springfield, Ohio, has been showering us with its vibrant fall foliage this season. After a picturesque visit to Snyder Park we ventured to the Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum to capture the mesmerizing hues of autumn. It was a timely decision, as just a week later, most of the leaves had gracefully descended to the ground.

Our visit was one of the first frosty mornings of winter 2023. We even had to scrape the frost off our car windows! Despite the chill in the air, the sun shone brightly, casting a warm glow on the vibrant leaves. The crisp, clear sky provided a stunning backdrop for our filming.

Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum proved to be an enchanting location to witness the beauty of autumn in Springfield. The meandering pathways, adorned with sugar maples, oaks, and a variety of other trees, were a feast for the senses. The fiery oranges, reds, and yellows of the leaves created a breathtaking spectacle.

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You make Springfield seem a lot more colorful than I ever recall it being. That place always depressed me, just seemed cold, gray, and slowly dying.

Well - going to Springfield almost every single year and yes, it's a rough place and it's getting rougher over the years but there are tons of beautiful spots and people there just take them for granted. AND the city does try - downtown is a pretty neat place with the brewery and CoHatch and the Dora open container zone. What brings you to Springfield?

Springfield is where my mom grew up, she was determined to get out back in the 70s and moved to Kentucky for college and never moved back. Her mom continue to live in Springfield and we'd go stay with her on visits as kids. Haven't been back since she died in 2016 but the last time I was there I was a pallbearer in that particular cemetery.

Probably no reason to come back ... unless you wanna see how it changed. While we were here at least three shootings happened and we see car accidents almost on a daily basis.

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