Savannah For 91 Days: 03 - Tybee Island, Kayaking, Roller Derby and Paula Deen Podcast

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Looking for an engaging travel podcast to accompany you on your road trip? Look no further - subscribe to our For 91 Days Travel podcast series! Okay, so we might be a little biased, but during a recent road trip, we revisited our previous podcast episodes and found ourselves enthralled by every moment. We're confident you'll enjoy the experience, too.

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For 91 Days in Savannah Podcast - Episode 03

In today's episode, we take you to Tybee Island for a quick walk on the beach. Then we return to Tybee for an exhilarating kayaking adventure. And of course, we couldn't resist a meal at Paula Deen's restaurant: The Lady & Sons. As we close this chapter, we delve into Savannah's founding principles with a motto that resonates: No liquor! No Slaves! No lawyers! No Catholics! And we of course can't forget to talk about our visit to a Roller Derby match.

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