Laura at National park Loonse en Drunense dunes!

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Some time ago I drove together with Laura from to the Loonse en Drunense duinen, a national park located in the southern part of the Netherlands! Its a wide area with forest, heather fields and sand dunes. We made some beautiful drone images and the light was amazing and combined with that location it was awesome. I fly with the DJI Mavic 2 pro, an awesome machine. I am still learning the videography part of this drone because i am a photographer. like making still images a little more. but lights like this needed some awesome drone shots.  

What made this shoot difficult was time, sun was setting quickly and communication between model and me was du to distance and the noise of the drone pretty difficult. I really need an assistant next time. 

Also for the flying, shooting and watching around the drone i can use some assistance. After 3 years of drone flying its still not like riding a bike. 
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Thank you, I wil put it on the map :D

Nice work on those manual spins! Very nice!

That took a lot of practice :p I think the one you meen is the one of more than 1 minute. Had to cut it for the clip :p

Yes, that's the one. I initially was thinking it was using the programmed circle mode, but then saw it deviate into wider spiral, very nicely done. I still struggle keeping a smooth circle with working both thumbs. Lot's more practice needed for me. Love the ideas I get from watching vids like this with many different transitions.

I have that clip on my laptop, i will tag you if i put it up on YouTube :D

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Thats cool :D thank you :D

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Thank you so much :D This day was so cool, the light was awesome :D

Now i follow you everywhere, feel free to share my content on you accounts :)

Awesome, we will :)