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RE: Acadia, Maine 2021 - Tobin Family Trip

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Could you please refrain from recycling the content multiple times. It can be seen as spam and/or an attempt to exploit the rewards with double dipping.


Do you mean because I've posted on 3Speak.TV and I usually do upload the video at the same time to both platforms but I wasn't aware it was considered in bad practice. If that's what you're talking about, I can definitely not do that in the future. I think I'd prefer because I like that platform - so I can freeze my 3Speak activity for awhile until I figure out a better method.

These are different frontends of the Hive ecosystem.
There is only one Hive ecosystem.
Using different frontends to publish the same content, will simply republish it again in the Hive ecosystem.

Oh that makes sense. Thank you for the explanation!