Challenge - Stay home, share 3 travel photos (day 16) - #MarsInQuarantine

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Challenge - Stay home, share 3 travel photos (day 16)

Hi Friend


Stay home, share 3 travel photos

We are in times of quarantine, despite this, we do not stop and continue to live, we continue to improve every day

A few days ago I learned that there was a challenge which consisted in sharing with all of you three photographs from three trips we made before this global quarantine.

I thought this initiative was great so I decided to start my challenge by sharing with you all my travels through these photographs.

Trips - Adventures - Discoveries

  • The three photographs I will share with you are the following:

(Day 16)

Trip No. 1

Afternoon shopping in a city with extreme quarantine

A few days ago I had to go shopping once again in my city Natal Maracay, this city is one of the cities in my country Venezuela that is in a state of extreme quarantine due to the dictates of government institutions.

Maracay is a relatively small city and almost all the residential areas are close to the main commercial areas.

Going shopping these days in my city is somewhat complicated since many establishments are closed or work clandestinely.

Trip No. 2

Afternoon recreation with my dear friend @breindevasorop

A couple of weeks ago I went out for a few laps around the city and some squares with my dear friend Simon who is also part of the #Hive community. That afternoon we moved on foot without major setbacks and mishaps, we hadn't left for several days and decided to go for a couple of laps around some of the city's squares, that's how our quarantine afternoon was spent in our beloved city.

We went to three main squares in our beloved city of Maracay. After a few minutes of long walk, we made some stops and started taking some pictures.

Trip No. 3

Meeting with my lady friend @leomarisperezm

Leomaris is a new friend in my life, we had a couple of weeks that we did not see each other and after all those days we decided to go for a walk in the square that is close to her house.

Leomaris is an active and quite dynamic girl, after some laps we decided to go take some pictures on the way to keep them as a memory of that pleasant moment.

Join this contest @irvinc, @lisfabian and @fmbs25 and me have joined the challenge, visit them and give some Hive love they are sharing great photos! Join us!


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