Kanlaob Falls canyoneering adventure

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Hi hive friends! My friends and I have been planning this trip for 3 months, and finally it happened thanks to the long weekend. I was really excited for the month of June since I’m looking forward to this trip with my friends.

I love adventures, even if I have a fear of heights. I can still jump cliffs as high as I want. We went to Algeria, Cebu for our canyoneering adventure. We were supposed to go to Kawasan Falls for canyoneering activities, but sadly, it was closed by the government 2 weeks before our trip.

Algeria is on the west coast of South Cebu, about 40 minutes from Moalboal or 3 hours from Cebu City. It’s best to do canyoneering early, as it takes around 3–4 hours to complete the course. As far as I can remember, this activity cost PHP 1,800.00, and to get there hassle-free, I suggest you book a tour package just like what we did.

When we arrived in Algeria, we then went to their shop to get a life vest and helmet for protection and to meet our guide. After then, we went to their barangay hall (I’m not sure if it’s Brgy. Hall or not) for registration and a short briefing on what to do and what not to do during the entire course.

Before we get to the starting point, we ride a motorcycle, which is very scary but fun because you have to drive to the top and the road is very bumpy, very stiff, and very high. I’m not exaggerating, but it really is high. After a long drive, we then have to trike for 30 minutes to reach the starting point of the course.

I was fascinated by the place; it was really beautiful. You will really appreciate the beauty of nature. We took pictures before we started our first jump, and I’m already nervous since it's high and my knees start to tremble. Hahaha, but I signed up for this, so I must finish it.

There were so many obstacles, and many people jumped. There were so many tourists as well, and it was fun. This was my first time doing this kind of activity, and I will never regret doing it. I liked the jumping part, even though it hurts when you hit the water and the water enters your nose. Our tour guide always reminds us that when you jump, you have to fold your knees to make sure that you will not hurt your foot once the water is low, but thankfully, I did not hurt my knees. My friend Lea hurt her ankle, and she fell many times, but thankfully she was okay.

There are areas where it's just water and you just swim and float, and this was my favorite spot during this activity. (Please see pictures below.) I was really fascinated by this view. I was really in awe. It was very amazing and full of greens. It was very calming, especially when you float. You get to see the sky view, the tall trees, the birds, and everything else. It was really fun. You get the chance to be with nature and appreciate how perfectly this place was made.

At the last stop, there were barbecue vendors, so we decided to eat some barbecue and rest for awhile before we went back to the mainland.

I will never forget this experience, this is one of the best things that I ever did in my entire life, and plus its my own expense I did not ask for my parents money and I’m so proud of myself for being able to treat myself once in awhile. I recommend this place for everyone who loves extreme activities. It’s very important to unwind once in a while and free yourself from stress and toxic people that surrounds you. You get the chance to breath fresh air and relax for a moment.

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Wow! The place is so amazing and relaxing. The walk, the hike, the ride is scary, tiring yet at the end you will really enjoy and had fun.

yes i really enjoyed the whole trip

Wow, good job for conquering your fears! I've always wanted to do this activity but I don't have the courage yet to sign up for it.
You did and well, you surely enjoyed!

you need to try this, your really enjoy every bit of the activity

this is one of the best things that I ever did in my entire life, and plus its my own expense I did not ask for my parents money and I’m so proud of myself for being able to treat myself once in awhile

Awwwe. I'm so proud of you! 😘 More places to explore and visit.

puhon puhon 🥰

Hehe, I did this twice back in Cebu. :D

wooow its really fun right

That's a hell of adventure! For sure even id you get body ache on that adventure it still all worth it especially with the fun that y'all experience. The place is so beautiful too, which is super worth the bumpy ride to get there no? Hehe.

it was super worth it hahaha i don't mind the body ache that come after atleast i enjoy haha

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thank youuu 🥰

It's a long drive but it's all worth it when you reach the breathtaking view. A good food is a perfect match for the beautiful place you witnessed haha na-miss ko tuloy barbeque

yes it was all worth it hehehe planning to go back once kawasan falls is already open for public