A Beautiful Unknown River In Bangladesh !

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Travelling and me close to each other! Because, whether it was the initial stage of Corona or Now I am just travelling most of the days! Inner-city for office purpose and InterCity due to homesickness. I just love to travel.

“I want to ask a question! Have you ever been to a riverside where there is no ruction, noise, or any sound of transport or people and you was listening to the flowing river?”

If your answer is Yes! I would say you are among the luckiest people in the world!! If you say No, I recommend just leave everything and go for it.

Listening the flowing water and watching the nature around is just amazing!

To observe this, you must be at Barishal Division in Bangladesh. From Andharmanik River to Tentulia River, there are many beautiful and important river would be found at Barishal Division. Most of the river got Strong Current during rainy season like the video you could see the speed of the water flowing away.

Generally, each time I go home I must cross the Mighty Padma river by ferry or speedboat but watching the river from ferry is different than watching from the bank of a river. While on board in a ferry or small ship the feeling is different than the watching the flowing water from a bank of a river as you could fell the current differently from different places. I wish I could have a chance to fall asleep in a tent near this river. This is most probably a part of Arial Khan river as I do not know the name.

This is a short video as I had to pay a very short tour to this beautiful river of Bangladesh.

Thanks for watching!

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