I went to London to see the Queen: Visiting Buckingham Palace

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Although I couldn't able to find the Queen but visited the Queen's Land. 

This beautiful palace opened in 1705 and got 77,000 square metre floor space. With beautiful walk way toward the palace is really amazing. Actually it was very close to my work place so I did visit few times. It is administrative headquarters of the Monarch and the London residence of Monarch of the United Kingdom.  

Basically, it is located in the City of Westminster and my work station was just in the corner of Piccadilly Circus tube station so; whenever my office provided lunch break I just went to either Green Park or Trafalgar Square as both of them was just 10 minutes walking distance. 

To reach the Palace it took 15 minutes walk from my work station through St. James Palace and Green Park. The way through green park is just amazing but, I loved most the way through the Mall besides St James's Park straight long road and you can see the palace from a distance. 

Victoria Memorial is a beautiful Monument just before the Palace, most of the tourist capture their most wanted picture here. 

The golden sculpture at the top of the Monument and in the gate will amaze you, it is like watching something made of pure gold and they shine like diamond. 

This is a awesome place to sit, relax, capturing so many historical palace and watch the changing of the guard of the palace area. Thousands of people visited the palace and surroundings each year and the historic arrangement is just amazing to watch and to be there actually. 

Watching a palace in your own eye is always historic and Buckingham Palace is really huge. The surrounding of the palace making the palace even beautiful, always there will be various kinds of flower to welcome you. 

If you like to watch many things together, this is just one place you need to be. The palace, Victoria Memorial, Palace Garden, The Mall, Canada Memorial, Green Park, Lancaster House, St James's Palace, St James's Park, Oxford and Cambridge Club, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Admiralty Arch, Imperial War Museums, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and of course the River Thames will be just surrounding if you wanted to visit the palace. 

Same day I have visited Trafalgar Square and it was bit cold due to rain, so my recommendation, although all the places is close by but do not try to watch them in a single day.Try to take couple of day during summer and three for the winter season. 

I have seen the history in my present time, you could do the same.  

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