Rimakri to Thanchi (WaterWay), Sangu River

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Beautiful Water Way from Rimakri to Thanchi, Bandarban, Bangladesh.

This was the most amazing journey after we failed to win the Amiyakhum Waterfalls. It was raining and we had to cancel the journey while we were at the pick of the hill and was listening the sound of pouring water but couldn't able to see the waterfalls. 

It was the final day so we had to get back from deep to the urban! Next morning we hired a boat from Rimakri and destination was Thanchi. Early morning we have started to our destination but I was afraid as among us there were four who does not know swimming! 

NB: Please take a life jacket with you!!!

The boat in the hilly area is really narrow due to some point of the Sangu river water is really low and boatman had to drag the boat towards relatively deep water. 

You will be amaze to see the spectacular views around you, I found the Sangu river is the most beautiful river of Bangladesh due to the natural views of both bank of the river. 

A little video could describe all to you.... 

Welcome to Bangladesh!


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