Tour the Arial Khan and Jayanti River of Barishal

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It was a hot day with 34°C along 91% Humidity! Walking under the summer Sun is just like killing yourself! Still I didn't want to miss the chance to watch back to back couple of big river of Bangladesh.

As I am visiting my village home at the moment; my tour destination becomes within 50 kilometres. My first destination was easy as I could use the three wheelers motor van to my first destination the Arial Khan river!

We decided to start our journey early in the morning but couldn't able due to some unavoidable circumstances. So, we had to start under the midday Sun and within an hour we felt burning like we are in the woven. Our first destination; the Arial Khan River which covers 160 kilometres started from the mighty Padma River and fall into the Kirtankhola River at Barishal.

As the Farakka Barrage opened North Side of the county facing floods at the moment and the water coming down the streams which made the river dangerous at the moment. Soon the south part also will be affected by flood if the Barrage continues its operations. If there were no illegal Barrage made by India the Padma River would not suffering the drainage problem as during dry season India keep the Barrage shut and down streams suffer lace of waterfowl and the mud from upstream made drainage problems and flooding each year during rainy season.

We have reached the Bank of the River at sharp 1 O'Clock and found a engine boat to cross the river. It took around 10 minutes to cross the River as we had to cross against the stream. The side we started from was close to affect by flood and the other side we were visiting to was affected by the flood already.

Our walking way just started while we were step into the village called Salimpur. Within 10 minutes walking we were sweating like someone poured a bucket of water on our head but; we were enjoying the walk in the trees and the village homes. Narrow Canals started getting water and running towards the river on the other side called Jayanati River which is our next destination. It was the time of Canal having less water and we could observe little trees with mud on their leaves meaning it would be under the water when it would be tide time.

We walked around 35 minutes but we thought it was like could of hours to reach the River Jayanti on foot. The humidity and the temperature both was not on our favors. The lucky thing is the village way was covered by trees shades so the Sun couldn't hit us directly but; it was enough to made us weak. This part of the Jayanti river is wider than the part of Ariyal Khan we have crossed at ShahebromPur. Generally the Ariyal Khan's water looks muddy and Jayanti's clear but due to floods both rivers were carrying muddy water but; River Jayanti was gentle that River Ariyal Khan as usual.

It took couple of minutes by the engine boat to cross the river at this point at Salimpur. While we reach the other side of the river Jayanti we found several rainy season crops and the bank of this side close to be overflowed. We enjoyed our lunch at this village and started to return our journey at 4.15pm and we had no idea about the river. The tide was already started and while we werw close to River on our returning we found the road already overflowing by water and some places we couldn't identify whether we were in the canal towards the river or in the road we found dry on our arrival.

We found a engine boat waiting on the middle of the road and jumped onto the boat. Soon we found the edge of the road and homes already under one feet or maybe two feets water! I felt very bad to think about the people living this area. These people always on the risk and there are many news people were sleeping at their home and there home just fall in the river due to erosion and heavy tides.

The life of the people close to river is not easy as they fight the scenario each year, generation after generation. Fishing and farming is the main source of income for this area which is affected by flood each year making these people hand to mouth each year.

I went to visit couple of rivers and wanted to be happy during this world situation but the floods made me sad. My experience enriched and more travel area has been covered.

Journey of father and son ended for the day as we started to return on the same way.

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