Trip to the tip of Australia! Cape York part 1

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It's the thing to do! A bucket list 'must do' for a lot of people. For us, the dusty and rough corrugated road trip to Cape York was more so to have a much needed visit to see our family. Travelling up to the most northern part of Australia and to do it with @ingridontheroad (aka nanny and poppy) was such a great experience, we discovered the vast ruggard beauty in a still relatively remote part of the world. Along the way we saw plenty of vehicles stranded on the side of the road, caravans rolled over and peeled open, cars snapped and broken from the hammering they get driving the relentless corrugations. 100s of kilometres of pounding bumps. The dust holes, these are deep holes in the ground where a very fine dust from the road covers them, making it look like the road is relatively flat, if you are not careful or unsure how to spot these holes is very easy to loose control of your vehicle. While we are used to these dust holes from where we used to live in Western Australia, they still are hard to spot so we took it easy and drove slow. Now that I've stated a few of the cons it's time for the pro's! Firstly what an amazing part of the world! While I've done this trip many years ago, my husband and children had never been here.





Our first camp on the road up to the top after our beautiful camp near Cooktown (see previous post), was Hahn River Roadhouse. Here the kids had an absolute blast playing on the tree house playground, watching the wallaby feeding and riding their bikes up and down.




Our second camp wasn't much further up the road at Morehead River. This mostly dry river bed provided a lovely peaceful spot to rest, play and explore. We only stayed one night here but certainly made the most of it with a cosy camp fire.







Our 3rd camp on the peninsula development road to Cape York was at a little dam just off the main road. We set up late arvo, the kids were super grubby from the lovely red dust which lines the ground up here, the water was also muddy looking but it still provided a spot for the kids to cool down and wash the dirt off themselves. Water in any form seems to keep our kids occupied for a long time, it's great when they can all swim except our youngest.


Cooking pizza for dinner in a WebbaQ, of course our special Friday night pizza and a movie can still go ahead in the middle of nowhere.





Along the road we had a few minor things happen. A few screws on the cupboard doors came loose and our fridge stopped working, Eek!! the hardest part about that was we had to drink the beer and bubbles before it got warm, just kidding; it was great and we managed to cook and eat the food before it went off so only a slight inconvenience for the month we were up there.







Our 4th camp, just a stop over for the night, was at the top of a gorgeous range, over looking the shrubby Plains, the setting sun put a glow on the native flowers blooming, they put out a beautiful display of orange over the rolling hills. Later in the evening we were greeted with a bird, unsure of what it is called, but although it was beautiful it's calling sound was quite repetitively annoying, like a water drop into a hollow pipe. The next morning we had a short but bumpy drive to a part of the Old Telegraph Track where we detoured down the 4WD track to a little oasis! Swimming, jumping off waterfalls, crystal clear water, absolutely gorgeous part of the world, so much so that it needs its own blog post, so to be continued.... 😁



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What an awesome trip! Amazing and harsh country but ever so beautiful. A slice of paradise.

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Greetings @travellingcogs, what an amazing trip, the landscapes are beautiful, I loved the photo of the kangaroos, definitely worth visiting this place.


Thank you! yes it's a lovely part of Australia. I've almost finished part 2 and will upload it to my blog later today if I get the chance.

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