Street Art Tbilisi. September 22

in StreetArt5 months ago

Tbilisi, what a wonderful place to stroll around, this post does not feature goshart who paints some amazing stuff, (already uploaded). Here is the rest I came across.

Big Stuff







Simple stencils

Stencils, not to everyone's liking, still art though.


I couldn't resist going all laa dee dah, by capturing the reflection too.





If it is on a wall I will snap it, even if it is shit it gets snapped








Come in and enjoy the wine, drink too much......




.....and well you may just start seeing things that aren't there



Kartlis Deda, "Mother Georgia"



Yup, I'm greedy too.......


.....AND I stood around for a good 30 mins and no one turned up

I've never been lucky


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This was a great start to my day. There are some real stunners in this post. Awesome finds! ✨️

cheers @emanate-artworx always good to put a smile on someones face first thing in the morning

You are hilarious as always. So much street art in Tbilisi - must indeed be great to walk around there. Great photos.

cheers @momogrow I shall pass your kind comments on to the voice that lives in the lower left side of my head, I am sure he will appreciate it

haha - well deserved

Very cool selection of StreetArt with all these works. I like stencils, always great idea like the selfy of the prehistoric couple 😀 Too bad for those 30 minutes of waiting without success, maybe next time 😀 Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

Enjoy your weekend

cheers @heroldius , yeah stencils are cool, as are MILFS who turn up 🤣

You should have waited 5 more minutes 😀

you speaking from experience then ????

Yep I'll still be up against that wall 😂