Daily Street Art #206

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Still a lot of great posts this beginning of the week... A big thank you for all these photos 🙏 Otherwise don't forget to participate in CCC's Street Art Contest #77 organized by @digi-me and to vote for your favorite letterings for the contest organized by @trippymane Voting Post - Graffiti Lettering Contest #12 Congratulations to the participants, a lot of talent...
Today a bit of humor with a Garbage Beauty style graffiti on trash furniture with this torn and overturned seat "Stand Up". Cool...

Encore beaucoup de posts de qualité ce début de semaine... Un gros merci pour toutes ces photos 🙏 Sinon n'oubliez pas de participer au CCC's Street Art Contest #77 organisé par @digi-me et de voter pour vos letterings préférés pour le concours organisé par @trippymane Voting Post - Graffiti Lettering Contest #12. Bravo aux participants, beaucoup de talent...
Aujourd'hui un peu d'humour avec un graffiti dans le style de Garbage Beauty sur du mobilier mis à la poubelle avec ce siège déchiré et renversé "Stand Up" (Debout). Cool...

584 - Inconnu sur Duluth.jpg

🧑‍🎨Who :Unknown (style Garbage Beauty
🎨How :Graffiti
🗺️Where :Near Duluth avenue, Montreal, Canada. Google Maps
🕰️When :2021


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Time to STAND UP my friend! Hope this message will motivate people to Stand Up and start doing what they want to do in their life!

Thank you for the tag and for spreading the word of my contest around!
I need to go around London a bit and get some new material to participate in the CCC's Street Art Contest #77 time to Stand Up from my couch and take some cool snaps 🤩


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