Joining CCC's Street Art Contest #98

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I was supposed to add this to my #WednesdayWalk yesterday but rules are rules so this is all about this street art.

This is one of the works of my favorite artist, Venazir Martinez. Her first street art had got me intrigued. I'll probably be talking about that next time.

Venazir Martinez is a contemporary artist, visual arthropreneur and street muralist. The recent project she had together with several artists is the Sining Iskinita (Street Art) here in the city. I'll be featuring that one later too.



This particular art as you can covers the entire wall of the gasoline station and the fastfood that is found at PNR along Marcoville Street and Utility Road.

This wall features the different traditional attire of the Cordilleras: Benguet, Ifugao, Mountain Province, Abra, Apayao and Kalinga.

I was curious of the red strings that connects them all. This is part of Venazir Martinez' Hibla-bana. It only means that we may have different cultures within our region, different ways of life, different styles of weaving, we are still connected as one.


One particular thing that I have noticed though is this part near the waiting shed at the corner of the wall. I'm not sure if it was intentional that there was no face painted on one of them or because it was not finished. The others do have faces but it was faint. However, this is how it was since the mural was revealed to the public. My take is that it could be me or you or anyone else whose face is in there and that we are all one. We belong. I would like it that that was a mirror installed in the wall to drive that point better, if that was the reason of the artist.

Which makes me question why would you left your work unfinished before moving on to other projects? Which makes me strongly believe that is the purpose of that faceless painting.





Here are the paintings on the rest of the wall. In one particular part of the wall are girls with modern attire that look like teachers or students or office employees. For me at least it looks like modern clothes. All the rest depicted there wore traditional attires.

I would like to think that modern and tradition can come together to make a better future. We should not forget who we truly are or where we are from. That keeps us unique and have our own identity.

I was kind of disappointed when I got here because I couldn't get a better picture of them all. Most of paintings are blocked by the jeepneys and tents and other vehicles. This is a jeepney terminal though so that's understandable but I was hoping that at that early hour it would have been unobstructed. Also, the electric wires are a nuisance too but that cannot be helped.

This is not the original painting that was here but these ones:






These photos were taken three years ago I believe before it was changed to what it is now. I was excited when I saw these. I was not aware that these exist back then not until someone posted about it online. Honestly, it is in social media that I come across such and that is one of the things I appreciate about it. I look out for events in the city that I want to be part of.

I honestly like the current one better because it is more inclusive and showing the rich, colorful culture of the Cordillerans.

There goes my entry for this contest by @digi-me.

If you have street art in your area, come and show them.

All photos are mine


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What a great mural and I like the interpretation you give to some of the elements like the faceless painting. I really don't mind seeing it blocked by the jeepneys, I think they are part of the whole.

Indeed the colorful jeepneys make great addition too.

Yes, they do :)

Great way to promote the culture of the place~
Beautiful street art!

P.S. Bothered with Jollibee, I miss it! 😅

I was planning on not adding that in the frame initially lol!

Hahaha! It can't be left out

So true. It's one thing we should be proud of :D

I thought the jeepneys is one of the street arts too. The colors are somewhat similar to the colors of the tradition costumes. 😅

I believe that too :)

I saw these too in Baguio, uncle Arif.

Nagpintas man ta inkasta da dita ya?

Wen. Same artist jay inshare mo jay alam jay SM.

Wen ngarud. Nalaing piman.

Wen. Isu lang ti malalagip ko nga artist.

Amazing photos. Rehived . Well done. Wowow. Thanks for sharing with us my dear👍🏼💯🎶🙏🏼🎉

Thank you! I appreciate you too. Have a good day!

Such an impressive work wow!
Thanks so much for sharing with us @leeart 😎🤩
I think the faces in a few are not completed works. Maybe the artist just missed them, as there are so many… who knows.
The colourful busses and truck are great also to see. It so ads to it all.
Great find!

That's what I think too because she had so many other projects done after this.
I can't find the previous photos that I took where I intentionally added the jeepneys. Rally colorful.

Aha… makes sense if she was so busy 😎
Maybe you find them one day 😉
Have a great weekend @leeart 👋🏻☀️

Halla, super duper beautiful artwork! And you might be right about the faceless man. Depends on us how to interpret it :) Mayat metlang met diay painting idi gayam

Ngem kasla talaga naibusan oras or nalipatan dayta nga part e hehe. Wen, antey, mayat met lang idi.

Haha, isu ngata ah. At least his artworks gave more color to the street walls :)

Stunning wall done by Venazir Martinez... The problem of the cars parked in front of the works is international (with the dustbins too) 😀 . Great post 👍

Thanks for sharing all these pics and info about the artist on The StreetArt Community.

It really takes a lot of luck to photograph them without obstructions :)

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