The Walls of Berlin - Cruising Stan in Buch [CCC's Street Art Contest #171]

in StreetArt3 months ago

On my last days in Germany I continue finding more nice examples of cool looking street art, which are perfect entries to CCC's Street Art Contest, happening every week. This time it's an image I saw in on the wall of the entrance to the S-Bahn in the town of Buch, which is officially still part of Berlin, on its northern edge.


Taking a Close and Careful Look

As it's the case with most graffiti art, on first glance I couldn't make out anything, except for that it looked impressive. I actually had to inspect each aspect of this image to make sense of it. First the background, which are not letters of any kind, but houses. Imposed over it you can see the letters that can be deciphered to read STAN. In the middle of this, illuminated by a street light, is the protagonist of the mural, presumably Stan, sitting in his vehicle, holding a spray can. Can you call this a self portrait? You might as well, since there is no other indication to the artist. But who knows, maybe in Buch he is a well recognized name... at least from adorning the entrance to the S-Bahn.

To see other murals I have found in Berlin, please check out my post collection The Walls of Berlin.



STAN ... Immer ganz cool eig :))


When is a door not a door?
When it's a jar

Credit: reddit
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Great wall with this lettering and character. Very talented artist. Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

Have a wonderful week.

Most certainly, and thanks for having a Street-Art-Contest to share them with.

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