The Walls of Berlin - Marine Themed Murals at the Marina of Potsdam [CCC's Street Art Contest #157]

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True enough, Potsdam is not precisely Berlin, though it is quite close to it. Still, I'd like to include this post in my Walls of Berlin series about impressive murals in the German capital, as well as using it as my entry to CCC's Street Art Contest, where you can find incredible street art from around the world every week.

Mariners at the Marina

Though not located exactly by the sea, in the area of Potsdam (and Berlin) there is a LOT of water: The Spree river runs through Berlin into the much bigger Havel river, which passes through Potsdam. In addition, there are numerous lakes, as well as canals connecting them all, so boating is kind of a big thing, for people who have the money, the time, and the passion for it.


The marina of Potsdam is located at the end of the Kastanienallee by the Havel. On its building facing the water, there are a couple of interesting looking images: some of them crazy graffiti, others exaggerated pictures following the sailing theme. Just like this stereotypical German skipper in his yellow foul-weather jacket, with a seagull sitting on his shoulder.


Another eye-catching image is this sexy cop (maybe coastguard, or whatever uniform she is wearing). Her little dog may not exactly fit the sea faring topic, but the style certainly recalls the cartoonish looks of persons painted among impressive graffiti.


Finally, there is a bizarre sea monster, pieced together from various marine-related stuff: the tail is that of a mermaid, and even her upper torso features a pair of boobs in a shell-bra. But that's where the resemblance to a mermaid stops, as one arm becomes a pair of tentacles, while the other one a crab claw. The head is some boat propeller, with an outboard engine behind it. The creature is even sporting a pair of kiddie arm floats, helping it swim in its natural environment.


The entire wall features a number of initials, making me guess that they indicate the artists who have collaborated on this piece. TMF, BDC, SBG, and ABS. The lettering MADSTOP 2022 above the entire image suggests the group behind them, but I could not find anything more on it.


Cool selection of StreetArt for this marina especially the last work with this "Monstermaid". Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

Enjiy your day.

Right, maybe that's what I should have used as the title pic.

What a fun graffiti captain

Oh, he sure looks fun.

That's about the hippest marina I've seen, some museum quality art just casually on the exterior. That face of the guy in the yellow jacket is so funny, captivating, and slightly disturbing.

I know, right? In fact, he actually kinda looks like a German boating enthusiast I happen to know. Hahahaha

Very nice painting with bright colors. Thank you, greetings.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you, you 're welcome.happy day.

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