The Deer and the Dog [PhotoChain Challenge - 110th Edition]

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Good evening, friends!

Here's a new entry for the 110th Edition of PhotoChain Challenge, hosted by @davidesimoncini. The keywords for this week are Pink and Tail, picked by the previous winners of the challenge: @qwerrie and @melinda010100.

(My personal keyword is... Street Art.)

I saw this piece at a small alley next to a cafe in Rio de Onor, a tiny little village at the edge of the northeast border between Portugal and Spain.

While I was taking the shot, that little dog got in the way, so I zoomed in and included him in the frame! 🤣


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The guy noticed I took a shot at him... and he didn't seem very amused. Too bad, it's his fault for getting in the way! 😁


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This drawing covered the whole door to what looked like a storage room or maybe a small barn. I found the idea pretty cool! 😎

I hope you enjoyed these shots!

LocationRio de Onor, Bragança - Portugal
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
Photos2 (Edited with GIMP)

If you wish to enter the contest, the announcement link is here:
PhotoChain Challenge - 110th Edition.



As always, I enjoyed your shots, but I also enjoyed your little story about them! 😀

Thank you very much! You have no active posts... so here's a little something back! 😉


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 98 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Dogs photos you always get clicks 🤣 just go closer, hardly believe that anyone had something against it.

Aahahhah! That's debatable. I used to like dogs a lot more than I do nowadays. My neighbours are to blame for that, as they have 3 annoying ratdogs inside their little apartment. I cannot have more than 4h of straight sleep because of them. 😒

Thanks for your visit and comment.

Am also not a dog fan, I prefer cats

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An unusual view, thank you very much to join again Photochain. Welcome to the contest and a big good luck :) !WINE !PIZZA

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o! this one looks convincing... sadly, I did not find a pink tail this week..... ehehe

but I found some !BEER

Yeah, I know the feeling. Many topics are also impossible for me! 🤣

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Haha very creative entry. Good luck in the contest 😊

Thanks a lot!

What a cool "shadow" :)

Voilà un beau cerf. Un street-art bien original. Merci pour ce post.

De rien! 😎

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Simple but cool work. Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

Dog was like I am out of here bruh
Nice one!

Yeah, he disappeared very fast, I tried to zoom in but he was already gone! 😅