Hello Hive Whiskey Tribe 👋 | Web3 Metal Whiskey

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Heyo Hivers. I'm Shawn, and I've embarked on a journey reigniting my passion for writing. Alongside music and technology, there's another love I foster: Whisky.

Unfortunately, my once abundant stock has dwindled, a casualty of my current job-hunting saga. But that doesn't quell my spirit nor my love for the rich, peaty essence of a good dram.


I hold a special place in my heart for Islay scotches like Ardbeg and Glenfiddich. Their unique, smoky flavor profiles, born from the rugged Scottish Isle of Islay, resonate with the raw, unpolished edges of deathcore, drawing a parallel to the intensity and depth I strive to embody in my Web3 Metal project.


Whisky isn't just a beverage to me; it's a story in a bottle, just like the stories I tell through my music and writing. Each sip carries the whispers of the distillery, the heritage of the land, and the craftsmanship of the distillers.

The allure of unique barrel-aged whisky is always present too, I love the way they encapsulate different styles of alcohol, transforming and elevating the flavors of the whisky. It's akin to the evolution of music and technology, adapting and maturing towards creating something uniquely profound.


As the Hive journey continues, I hope to meet other Whisky enthusiasts and support each other's exploration on the topic, whether that's simple social posts, reviews, or anything else that might fit the fancy of a decent whiskygoer.


Looks like you still have a decent stock. Angels Envy is good stuff and Four Roses and Makers Mark are two of my favorites. My wife and I visited the Makers property just about a year ago now. We also found ourselves at the Four Roses bottling facility as we were heading down the bourbon trail. I really haven't gotten into too many Scotches myself, there are still so many bourbons to work through first!