A Tale of Two Pizza's - Italian dinner for Barons (Week 12)

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Hello Hive Pizza community.
This is my entry for the First every block chain novella facilitated by: @dibblers.dabs
Contest and current story post can be found here:

Images by: dibblers.dabs

Manzanilla and Picholine sat in their terrace view room discussing the day when the servant came in to say, "the preperations for the dinner tonight is complete, 'Erba the Spice Baron has arrived, sends his regards and will be attending the dinner as he is resting in his quarters for the time being." Manzanilla nooded and the servant left the room.
"We shall rest till the evening and be ready for the meeting", he said to Picholine who smiled as they both left the room.

The dinner hall was filled with a few new faces and old, the cheer in the room was the energy that was palpatable. The servants came and went through out the night, bringing in food, drinks, platters, and refreshing the room at all moments through the humm of conversations and clinking of cutlery on plates.

The meeting was slated to happen after dinner in private quarters for a few select members. The dinner carried on as the select members made their way out to the back estate room furnished with large chairs around a large table. At the table was Manzanilla the Olive baron and his wife Picholine, Tolcetta the Wine Grape Baroness, Vincheezo the Cheese Baron, 'Erba the Spice Baron, beside each was their confidant assistant.

"Thank you all for making the journey to be here today, the Pizza Baron has asked me to bring supplies to his next fest of 10,000 pizzas. I have asked you all here to see what we can come together and provide for their feast. We shall have a ship leaving soon and we should have it filled to the brim with as much products each of you can supply." The Olive Baron said white faced and jolly.

Vincheezo the Cheese Baron started right in, "Yes, thank you I have gotten word from you and our people are working very hard, their wrists are cramped from all the milking but they are delighted to be apart of some bigger form of cheese production, you have inspired the region to milk even the almonds for cheese. We shall be ready at your comand to fill this ship you have." He said a bit greasy in his ways.

"As for the herbs and spices, they too will be ready but require some care along the voyage as to not get wilted from the sea air. I have been preparing plants, seeds and instructions as to how to grow these plants over the pond in different climated to repay the people back for the desalination which is vital to growing the erbs i will be sending." said 'Erba the Spice Baron.

The room noded in aggreance then turned there eyes to the Wine Baroness.

Tolcetta the Wine Grape Baroness said, "I shall be suppling barrels of wine and by the time it gets there it shall be fermented and be the best wine that the land has every had for years to come. I have one request, that I accompany the ship aross the ocean for me and my cellar hand." She said full of glee in the knowing of the fact that she does make the best wine in the land. Picholine gasped at the request of Tolcetta. Manzanilla looked sternley at Tolcetta and said, "Yes, this pleases me to send them wine when they have sent me water. I agree to your request and give it my blessing, to the rest of you, make hast time is short and the ship is being readied to leave. Ill meet you at the docks to see you all off.

The room disbanded with much to do, they would set out in the morning to prep their respective tasks.

Thanks for clicking into my post, having a read and you should go get yourself some pizza...at least buy some PIZZA coin!

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Oooh nice...things are moving along for the next big feast... I wonder if they will encounter 'Pizza topping' pirates on the voyage? 🤣 !PIZZA

Yay! 🤗
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