Looking back at HIVE after a while

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Busy Dev Life

Last months had been marked by a huge apprenticeship that are allowing to catalyze the growth of my main project, called PixelTycoons.

During this period i focused on learning code to be able to create autonomy and automation on the games i created on the WAX blockchain. After almost 6 months of learning code, and with 5 different game bots deployed and running, i returned at the HIVE with a broader vision.

HIVE Developers Documentation

After all i have done on WAX, i couldn't stop this new habit i acquired of checking developer documentation. My first intention was to use request features to gather data from Hive blockchain. To my amusement, the Developers section at HIVE counts with super compact and easy to understand tutorials on JS, Python and Ruby.

As a python apprentice, finding so much info on the ready felt like a bless. I considered WAX friendly to develop on, until i saw the HIVE documentation. Very quickly i learned to do things on HIVE that i can't yet do on WAX. With more experience, this learning curve would have not been so steep, still there is no comparison, at least from my experience and research with how easy it is on HIVE.

Bots and Bots

Due to the difficulties i faced on the WAX development side for being a total begginner in programming languages i decided to deploy Telegram Bots to be Game Masters, rather than deploying a Web3 interface, because it seemed and still does much easier this way. The idea is to allow all the game experience on multi platforms, being it telegram if one is on the rush, or Web if one wants to have a more visual experience. Stil for now, all the UIs i deployed are Telegram Bots.

Something that triggered me on HIVE was all the bots one can find! I mean the good ones, of course! The easiness of getting or posting to HIVE through script makes it super easy to give life to accounts in more interesting ways, that would be impossible for a human to achieve. And again, i mean this, for the best.

One example of such a bot is @pizza-greeter and on my last HIVE expedictions some months ago i had the chance to know it is open source. Back then i didn't knew what i do now, although it seemed like great potential for learning.

And it is! Lately i had been looking into those docs and i remembered about checking the pizza bot on git hub and to my amazement, guess what... written in Python! When i started i was told python would be a dead end and i should drop it as soon as possible. I tried my way into JS, but soon returned to python as little by little started to understand that there were actually ways to do the same thing.

Last Thoughts

I already had a good impression of HIVE after learning a bit about its tokenomics and potential depth (because i need to face it, i am a noob here hahaha), but this impression only got better with my latest findings.

For all the Python Devs out there that would like to try transfering and minting nfts with script, feel free to check the package that @toby.damon did called waxNFTdispatcher that was aimed to help new developers on WAX, like me.

I am looking forward to deploy my first bot on HIVE and about that, i have been thinking a lot! I will need to learn a bit more about NFTs on HIVE but the possibility to use peakd as a potential interface for the game, or at least a social extension of it, seems quite cool!

Thanks for your time!


Awesome article about your future plans, and past achievements! Keep up the great UI work the Pixel Tycoons game is coming together great. I dig the automated nft minting systems integrated into the Telegram bots. Claudio is great running such an elaborate play to earn NFT game that would take a whole team of developers to do. Him and a couple others including me try to keep the game running smoothly. I've personally beta tested it since early 2022. The code that runs the bots is a big hit with all the new players. Most new players get the blockchain process, right away, and a few others just dont get it or just probably refuse to learn a new skill. I go by Andy AirdropMe on Telegram. I'm very active there. Playing games, running a group, and moderator of another all that while doing some background promotional work for his collection. All good stuff for all the comment readers to check out the newest updates to the game.

Much !LUV bro! Your support is felt and i hope much more years come ahead of full production into making PT closer to what i envision : )