Recap of our PIZZA Halloween Party - Part #1 Giveaways 👻

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Hello everybody! 😊

How are you doing?

Halloween is (never) over, and I still want to make some posts about the party we had in the PIZZA Discord on the weekend and about all the Halloween stuff I released and gave away during the show. 👻

This year, I didn´t have my normal prize wheel, but 20 bigger prizes I gave away. 🎁
Some of them where exclusively raffled for my $RAVEN Token holders and others were given away to the people participating in the party.
I did my best to give away Halloween and spooky things. I hope you like them! 😄

Rising Star Records

I minted 2 new records in Rising Star which include Halloween music I produced:

BeaTraxx - Halloween Collection Volume #2

This one includes 3 of my Halloween LoFi tracks.

And Raven - Uncanny Valley

This is a song I made for last Halloween.

There are only 3 copies left of each before they sell out!

NFTs on NFTShowrooom

I minted some new NFTs for this Halloween. I didn´t wanna mint all my NFTs on WAX, like I did before. So I made some on Hive this time.

Raven - Eat You Alive

This is the song I made last year for the Halloween PIZZA Initiative. I really like this one, I think it came out great!

I made a little animation to it and minted it on NFTShowroom.

In total it has 6 copies. I gave away 1 to a $RAVEN Token Holder, 1 to someone who attended the party, and the other 4 are up for sale.

Here is the link to it:

Raven Skellington

This is an NFT that my girlfriend @creepyarts drew. I love it! I love her artstyle very much and she is one of the few people that are able to draw my face. 😄

I minted 13 copies of this one. I gave away 1 to a $RAVEN Token Holder, 1 to someone who attended the party, and the other 11 are up for sale.

Here is the link to it:

Please also show some love to my girlfriend and visit her profile on Hive and NFTShowroom. She is an outstanding artist and deserves more visibility! ❤️

She also minted a Halloween NFT she drew of herself in the same style. 😃

CraftInk Giveaways

The first version of the minigame of CraftInk went live a few weeks ago. Therefore we gave away 5 game passes plus 10 packs.

The minigame is a passive version of the game. All you have to do is register your office team and send it to a season. A season lasts 1 week and the battles during this season will be played automatically. Depending on the rank you get in your group at the end of a season, you will get rewards.

I got to rank #1 twice and the rewards were huge! A CraftInk pack, INK and HIQS tokens with a value of around 28 Hive. So it´s really worth to start playing. All you need are some cards. You can get them by buying booster packs on the game website, or buying cards directly in the ingame market.

We will do more pack openings soon, so you also have the chance to win some cards there. 😊

If you have any questions on how to play the game, let me know!


Last year for Halloween, I made very special NFT packs. You can read about them here.

These packs contain 81 different versions of a special NFT a great artist drew for me! The NFTs have different rarities, and no one ever so far was able to pull the rarest one out of the pack, the one with 4 legendary layers.

Many of the NFTs have hidden prizes attached to them, and the Legendary one has an unreleased song connected to it!

This year I gave away one of the packs to a participant of the party and 2 of the legendary NFTs so I was finally able to show the song I made together with my girlfriend @creepyarts.
One of these NFTs went to one of my $RAVEN Token holders, the other one to someone who participated in the show.

The packs are still up for sale of course, so if you want one, here is the link:

That made 20 big prizes in total I gave away. And it was fun! =) Besides this, all participants got many PIZZA tokens we dropped during the show.

Here is a list of the winners again, in case you missed what you won during the show, haha! 😄

Rising Star Record: Beatraxx - Halloween Collection Volume #2@d1785 @theacks
Rising Star Record: Raven - Uncanny Valley@blitzzzz @cryptoniusrex
Eat You Alive NFT on NFTShowroom@ladymisa @thedoc07
Raven Skellington NFT on NFTShowroom@pizzaexpress @vaynard86
CraftInk Minigame Slot + Pack@thedoc07 @joseal2020 @blitzzzz @wittyzell @willendorfia
CraftInk Pack@theacks @willendorfia @misticogama @samsk @smile27
Raven´s Halloween Pack@vaynard86
Legendary Halloween NFT@raymondspeaks @definethedollar

Well guys, I hope you liked the show! Thank you for being there, it was alot of fun for me! 🖤💛💜

Once more, I would like to point out and encourage you guys to support artists you love on Hive!

We have alot of great artists on this blockchain. Every single one of them puts in alot of work and time to create their art, and most of them don´t get the payment they deserve. So please think about supporting these artists by bying their NFTs. Thank you! ❤️

▶️ Below this post is a comment that says "Donations". If you vote this comment, all earnings go to the artists who submitted art for the PIZZA Halloween Initiative (I will make another post about this one soon). ◀️

So please support here guys. A vote doesn´t cost you anything. 😊🖤

Thank you so much for reading and making a special Halloween party for all of us!! 😊

See you soon!


Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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This nft with Raven in it is really cool. Obviously it has to be because Queen made it. Moreover, Congratulations for Minting two new records in Rising Star.

Halloween comes every year so we can't finally say goodbye to Halloween
The songs so cool

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks for the awesome show and the amazing prizes Raven.

Thanks again for the awesome party! I had so much fun, and winning the CraftInk Packs was a fantastic bonus!


You must be killin' it out here!
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They're getting a workout and slapped 1/2 possible people today.


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Faith an excellent Halloween event, congratulations, then I will write you some questions I have about the game.


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I want someone who can set my world on fire!

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!LOLZ Nice

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I am still learning about NFTs but loved the image you had at the HiveFest gallery!

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