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Hey everyone!

We hope everyone had a safe New Year weekend and are transitioning into 2022 okay! Over in the PIZZA Discord server we ended the year and brought in 2022 with quite the bang. Not only did we have basically a full weekend-long party, but we surprise airdropped our year-end NFT and gave away hundreds of dollars worth of games and PIZZA tokens!

We'll go over some of that in just a moment but first, I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to review some of the awesome behind-the-scenes stuff that has been going on over in the PIZZA shop! Our amazing Gourmet Chef @hivetrending recently published a new developer post highlighting some of the 'under-the-hood' items we've been working on such as our involvement in the Beem Python library, https certificates for our node monitors, project x mention, and more!

You can read the first 2022 PIZZA developer post in full here so make sure you tab it up and give it a read immediately after this post! 😀

1 Million Burns

We are excited to announce that we were on-schedule and executed a burn on over 1 million PIZZA tokens by January 1st, 2022 which is a little under $100,000 usd at current value. This signifies the completion our first successful year as a project here at HIVE and prepares us for many more burns and years to come!


Witness update

Rank: 68/63

  • We continue to see an incredible amount of support coming in week over week and our Witness ranking continues to grow. With over 2,500 discord community members and over 7,500 wallet holders already, we are confident that this year our Witness will see top 50 achieved!
  • If you want to support a project that is fully focused in not only bringing and onboarding more users to HIVE, but have already released and are continuing to build tools that are aiding in making HIVE an even more awesome place every day, please consider casting a vote for @pizza.witness!


Staker Rewards & Year-End Airdrop

We want to thank everyone for their patience on the "big announcement" around staking rewards. We're getting pretty close to that announcement and while I don't want to put a date on it yet, the holiday is finally coming to a close and I am going to be requesting some time from work here in the next few weeks to finish wrapping this up if not done by then already. Thanks again for being human about this and understanding why we fell behind on this release. In the meantime, we're definitely still insanely busy bringing you guys additional rewards and other awesome things/events!

With that said, we're extremely happy to announce our surprise airdrop of the year-end NFT for those who were staking 200 or more PIZZA tokens at the time of the snapshot, which was during our first New Year party event kickoff on January 1st in the PIZZA Discord server! This NFT signifies the end of a tough but rewarding year. While we definitely experienced hardship and made a few tough decisions, we overcame it at every crossing. The PIZZA community is resilient and absolutely amazing!

This is just the first of more airdrops to come. We're preparing a pretty awesome announcement that will ring out in the coming weeks for our stakers. Things are going to get bigger and better in 2022 for the PIZZA community!

If you missed the NFT drop, you can still pick it up from our official NFT Showroom account for 8 HIVE. All proceeds go directly to the project for future NFT minting.


You can view the full NFT image on showroom here

Discord Server Update

Our Discord server plays a large role in bringing together awesome people, and we have a lot of them! To facilitate our growing community (which is exploding with growth) we have implemented additional roles, structure, and community engagement tools to help facilitate a diverse and

  • New Music Bot in Development - Introducing Marinara!
    • We identified that our community required another music bot (we're getting busy!) so we've started developing a new and awesome Music and Community bot for the PIZZA community called Marinara Music Bot! You can now use this bot alongside our awesome music robot ZaBot and our 24/7 LoFi bot to listen to great tunes at any time in the day or night!
    • I am considering integrating the PizzaBox project (a general-use public community bot we're building) into Marinara going forward as it would be ideal to package all of the moderation tools and games we've built into one bot leaving us with just Marinara and Pizzabot, which is our infamous HIVE-based Discord server bot that is used in over 10 servers already.


  • Role Updates
    • We have adjusted a few roles to give users more control over their pings and interests. Whether you're into movies, music, writing, or even food...we have an interest for you!
    • All roles have received a full color spectrum update.

  • Level System
    • For those who have been around the PIZZA community for a while know that we've had a system for tracking your community engagement in place for a while now. This past weekend we implemented the ranking system for this which is now live and in effect. If you were already active in the community, you will immediately be adjusted for the rank you should receive based on your engagement score upon typing in the server for the first time since the system went into place.
    • These ranks will lead to additional roles and rewards such as PIZZA tokens and even NFTs. We will be releasing more information on these engagement rewards very soon! Happy engaging!

  • Giveaways
    • If you stake more than 200 PIZZA tokens you are currently eligible for even more staking rewards in our Discord server through our engagement giveaways! Here are some of the awesome rewards that were earned by stakers engaging in our Discord server this past week:
      • Over 2,000 PIZZA tokens
      • x4 25 SPS awards winners
      • x4 50 SPS awards winners
      • x3 Hash King Seeds winners
      • x4 11,250 BUDS winners
      • x4 Discord Nitro winners
      • x11 Steam video game key winners
      • x5 Exode Weapon NFT winners
      • x4 Rising Star PIZZA Bike NFT winners

  • New Discord Tipping Commands
    • If you did not already know, you can send PIZZA tokens to and from one another through our partnership with tipcc. We've customized some additional commands for usage in the server to allow users to tip their friends such as '$tip user 1 large za' to send a full PIZZA token or '$tip user 1 medium za' to send half of a PIZZA token. Expect more fun ways to tip friends to come very soon!


Our event schedule is really starting to heat up as we bring the HIVE community together for fun throughout the week. The New Year's weekend saw events all throughout the day as we worked to cover as many time zones as we could to keep the party raging! We were supposed to hold two separate NYE parties but the party never ended and turned into a full-on 8+ hour community party. You guys are animals! Here are a few other other fun events we saw happen in the PIZZA Discord server over the weekend:

  • 8+ hour dance party DJ'd mostly by @thebeadflex with over 40 people signed in and participating
  • PIZZA Trivia w/ token rewards
  • Crab Games (a free game on Steam that parodied Squid Games) w/ participation and winner rewards
  • Key and Peele marathon
  • Invite Contest
  • Last One Standing endurance contest
  • Multiple staker and non-staker giveaways

We had tons of fun listening to music, dancing, playing games, meeting new people, and earning some pretty great rewards!

Upcoming Contests

We have some pretty cool new events coming up that we'd like to shed some light on in case you were not aware!

  • First, @cryptoniusrex hosts a bi-weekly Chess Tournament with some pretty epic prizes! We know many of you like Chess, come play and earn your spot among the greats! You can read more about the Chess tournament and the next date in the latest post here.

  • Details for our first gif competition will be announced in the next few days. If you love making memes, gifs, or animation you will have an awesome opportunity to score some great loot by participating in the contest. Please keep an eye out for details!

  • The PIZZA team is also sponsoring a large upcoming Splinterlands tournament with over $300 in prizes! I highly recommend our Splinterlands crew jump on this and represent!



  • We have a few more donations pending for the Holiday Music Album! I am just waiting for those to clear and we will be sending them out to the artists who participated in the Holiday Album! If you missed it, you can stream the Christmas album for free on our Holiday page located at

  • If you are interested in partnering with the PIZZA project, please feel free to reach out to me through DM on Discord or on here. We have active partnerships with several projects, games, and communities are always interested in having a conversation!

  • We will be looking to grow our community moderation team more in the coming weeks to help support our amazing growth. We will be looking at people who are actively engaging and demonstrating great community behaviors. Please make sure you are in our Discord server if this is something that may interest you.


Discord Photo Engagement

We will be changing up the format of the Discord Photo Engagement a bit as we have definitely seen a ramp up in submissions and making the decision myself is becoming much harder! You guys submit some really amazing looking pies!

Going forward, we will be asking the community to emoji the submissions they enjoy the most and will be making our decisions based on engagement + amazing-ness of the provided Za photo.

We would like to invite you all to help us backdate the competition and vote on any photos in our #pizza-pics channel that were posted on or after December 26th. Next week we will get back to business and reward this week + next week participants.

Lucky 5 Raffle Weekly $PIZZA Holders

(randomly chosen weekly from all holders with >= 1 $PIZZA in their wallet)


These lucky winners have won 3% of their staked $PIZZA holdings value back!

@jackyng @nilarwin @olivia08 @amberyooper @chunkysoupsvc

500+ Tier Raffle for $PIZZA holders

These 5 bonus winners are drawn from holders with >= 500 $PIZZA


Congratulations and thank you for locking up your tasty za! Enjoy your bonus rewards of 3%!
@diamonddreamer @okean123 @abh12345 @a1-shroom-spores @quekery

Daily Winners


Congratulations! You have won an instant 4% APR of your staked $PIZZA holdings back in additional $PIZZA!
@nayhlaingsoe @double-eagle @dajokawild @uncorked-reality @aussieninja @rondonshneezy @lotto-de



Please consider delegating your HP to our curation account. Not only does it help our project grow, but it also allows us to further ramp up our onboarding and curation services. The Pizzabot you know and love also consumes more and more HP every day which has to come from our curation account. Not only this, but you will farm your share of the daily $PIZZA rewards pool!

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You can also check out the HIVE.PIZZA website here.


Join the Discord and $PIZZA NATION

Join our curation trail here

Vote for us as Hive-Engine witness here

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Absolutely amazing work @thebeardflex and everyone else leading our amazing community! Big ups to you all my !PIZZA fam!

Thank you for your dedication and motivation! Your kingdom shall prevail! 😁

This is a cool project, who does not like giving away pizza ?

Great stuff...Love the things Pizza is doing for the community...

Thank you so much for your support and for reading! We're going to do some pretty big things this year! HIVE is beautiful!


Thanks man. Loving the community on discord!

And we're loving having you engaging the community! Starting to see your name pop up often! That's awesome!


Cool to see! I'm glad you lowered the amount of messages required to enter the giveaways, 100+ was a bit much. 20-40 is much more reasonable IMO, especially since most giveaways are for people who have staked a bunch of !PIZZA anyway.

Thank you for the feedback! The discord engagement giveaways are actually intended for just that, engagement! While 100 may seem like quite a few, it's really not that many and tends to go pretty quick by jumping into a conversation here and there. PIZZA is built on engagement and will always strive to drive real live interactions. With that said, additional staking rewards will be coming for those who don't care or can't make the time for the engagement aspect.


Glad to hear that new staking rewards will come out! I suppose I don't see the point in making the engagement giveaways have a staker requirement then. I would like to participate in some of them but have been extremely busy recently and just don't have the time to spend talking in the !PIZZA Discord anymore. Take the holiday giveaways for example, there were awesome things available to win but I was spending time with my family and didn't get to participate in any of them even though I had enough PIZZA staked to do so. I think a better solution would be to split them up into two categories of giveaways so that people who engage a bunch in the Discord can still participate and people who have a bunch of staked PIZZA can still benefit without needing to invest so much of their time to do so.

TL;DR: I think stakers shouldn't be forced to invest their time when they have already invested their funds and highly-engaged people shouldn't be forced to invest their funds when they have already invested their time.

We will take this into consideration! Engagement rewards will definitely be sticking around. Those who prefer passive rewards will for sure have an opportunity to earn with PIZZA but we will always remain true to being an engagement driven community first and foremost!

Looking forward to it.


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Please vote for pizza.witness!

Nice work, all looking good!

Thank you my good sir dudenstein!


These are some awesome announcements,2022 will be our year, we will atract more peeps and see the integration of pizza within hives community's, we know the struggle and it was hard, but now im reading this and see how far we are already, fuckn amazing. The year has just begun and looking forward to the bright future of !PIZZA #GRANDBARONY o and rebloged... Cheese 🧀 🍕

That's right! We've built some awesome foundation this year and we're really starting to see the fruits of our labor and some extremely amazing engagement. We have more engagement stuff in the works and more value propositions that should drive even MORE excitement to the project in the coming weeks. Our guilds will grow and our presence will be known even off-chain!


Whos the man, youre the man. I will go and write about pizza. We are !PIZZA

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Just bought pizza in hive-engine and clicked the lock icon in the wallet and staked them. Is that how to stake pizza??

Boom! That's exactly how to stake those tasty PIZZA tokens! Make sure you join our discord server if you're not already in there so you can start engaging the community and taking advantage of some of the engagement giveaways for our stakers!



Hi. What does !PIZZA for?? I always see them here in chat. Thanks.

Sounds like a good year, time of work sounds fab!

After some legitimate 100 hour work weeks this month, I am so ready to just enter a state of coma for a few days haha! It is seriously needed. My brain is starting to ring that bell!


Woah I won something? Sweet!
Lots of fun developments here, great to hear.

Rock on!!


PIZZA is the best! I like that marinara bot has a ring to the name & no pineapple!

Pizza is not only great food, but it's also an amazing community. Thanks for all you do!

As always awesome to hear about how much is going on with Pizza. I've entered the tournament even which should be fun (even if I dont expect to do well!).

Thanks for the updates.


Thanks! !PIZZA

That is pretty cool how or where do we find the airdrop NFT as I believe I have 200 staked by that time.

It will be available in your NFT Showroom gallery here!

Cool! Increased my stake today to 202 !PIZZA