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Hey everyone!

We hope you had a safe and wonderful Holiday weekend if you celebrate it. If not, we still hope you had a most spectacular weekend! We sure did over in the PIZZA community! We have quite a few things to go over today so we'll jump right in!

Witness Update

Rank: 62/59

  • We improved another rank since our last update which really positions us well to hit our target of top 50 this year! Thank you so much to everyone who had cast their vote for the @pizza.witness account! It means the world to us!



April 20th "4/20" Bash

  • We will be hosting a rockin 4-20 event over in the PIZZA community Discord server featuring some incredible people from the HIVE community who will be DJing, answering project questions, and helping us give away some awesome prizes!
  • Starting at 12:00pm PST (or 7pm UTC I believe) we'll be kicking things off with @drabs587 420 Bash of Excellence! Come hang out for a session full of fun, music, NFTs, and MONDO PIZZA giveaways!
  • At 1pm PST @drabs587 will stop for a quick intermission and AMA with @hashkings who will talk to us a bit about the Hash Kings metaverse, the new staking rewards system, and will drop some awesome prizes!
  • After that, the music will continue with another awesome stoner music session by @drabs587
  • At 2:30pm PST we'll be hanging out with the awesome Bookerman from over at @wrestorgonline (Wrestling Organization Online) who will also answer some question about their upcoming game (the pre-sale sold out in just a few hours!) and drop some awesome giveaways!
  • Things are going to be popping over in the PIZZA Discord server as usual and we invite all 4-20 friendly HIVE users to come hang out for this special event!

    Click here to RSVP early!



Pizza Guild Scholarship Program

Hash Kings

  • Our farmers have been hard at work and the Pizza Guild is extremely excited to announce our milestone of reaching (and now far surpassing!) our 1 millionth farmed BUDS token through the Scholarship program! Thank you to everyone who has been working hard to make sure their harvests and reports have been on time!
  • We're also excited to say that we are getting closer to announcing the opening of Wave 3 applications. If you are interested in participating in the Pizza Guild Scholarship Program please make sure that you are active in our community! We are creating an active HIVE-based community and do prioritize those active in the community over others.
  • We're also getting really close to our first set of Guild RANK-UPs. Those of you participating know what that means! Make sure you are completing the requirements! Check in with your team leader if you are not sure!

Bang! Defense

  • PIZZA was involved with the presale and was able to snag some premium crates before they sold out. We're excited to start this new venture and will be offering scholarships once they are available!


Scholar & Scribe

  • For those interested in Creative Writing, long-form writing, or even just creative discussion (among many other things), we invite you to check out the Scholar & Scribe community that has been created by @dibblers.dabs and is located here.
  • Scholar & Scribe is not only bring together creative types who have a passion for writing but intends to build a stable option for passive income for both authors and readers. You can learn more in the dedicated Scholar & Scribe section of our Discord server.

    Read more about the program and each token in the announcement post here.

    Buy Scholar
    Buy Scribe


Discord Bot, Pizza Helper, & SpkCC Monitor Updates

Pizza Helper Engine

  • We discovered a bug in our Pizza Helper engine that runs routine tasks for us that was impacting our badge issuance account. This issue was fixed which is now helping alleviate some of our Resource Credit usage when it comes to assigning and removing badges.

Discord Bot

  • To support the SpkCC launch along with increased traffic around DLUX we have built two new commands for the Pizzabot (Discord Edition).
  • Users can now use !dlux to check all DLUX balances for specific users.
  • Users can also now use the !larynx to check SPKCC balances for specific users.


SpkCC Monitor

  • As mentioned in the title updates have been made on the SpkCC Monitor we've built to show additional data (most specifically in regards to DAO and individual vote status). You can check out the monitor tool here.

Here is a preview:



Misc News

  • The Guild has created the @pizza.burn account. This account will receive a 10% beneficiary on all project posts going forward. All funds on this account will be spent buying and burning PIZZA.

  • We have renewed Sponsorships with two content creators this month and will likely be extending an invitation to a third content creator! If you know of any high-energy content creators who would like to work with us, please send them our way!

  • Special shoutout to everyone involved with helping us hit 1,003 recently in the community 'number game'. It took a ton of focus, dedication, and heart to hit that 1,000 milestone! You guys are EPIC! Here is to 2,000! 🍻

  • For the CARTEL folks, make sure you check out the new swap system @flauwy has put together! There are some sweet discounts for holders which we know many of you are! This system will help alleviate some of the costs associated with moving your funds around, which hey, we can get behind! Great job @flauwy and team!



We had some more incredible LEVEL-UPs happen this week! Not only are these people earning more through our staking program but they also have access to all the amazing engagement giveaways we run weekly in the Discord server

Let's check them out! Great job guys!

-The Grand Barony
-The Big Cheese
@ravenmus1cZa Baroness
@theacksZa Baron
@a1-shroom-sporesZa Baron
@hk-bangZa Baron
@taintedbloodZa Baron
@bitcoinfloodChampions Club
@whoswhoSenior Delivery Driver
@skurationSenior Delivery Driver
@chefbgobSenior Delivery Driver
@theiamultitudeSenior Delivery Driver
@floki-skarsgaardSenior Delivery Driver
@celf.supportLevel Two Driver
@sharkthelionLevel Two Driver
@cobaltumLevel Two Driver
@wanderingmoonLevel Two Driver
@animocinLevel Two Driver
@fieryfootprintsLevel Two Driver
@jonimarquLevel Two Driver
@nupulseLevel Two Driver
@gr33nm4sterLevel Two Driver
@tommyl33Level Two Driver
@maakueLevel Two Driver
@brianhuangLevel Two Driver
@elokinLevel Two Driver
@craftystatsLevel Two Driver



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super happy to be a zupervisor!!! =D

Yeeeha, driver level two yes sir!!! Nice post Beardflex!!

Thanks for the shoutout to Scholar and Scribe! Looks like some awesome updates in this one too with important changes and updates to pizzabot and the spk monitor! I love seeing !PIZZA supporting so much of the chain and deploying every possible node type!

Keep up the awesome work man!

Thanks for the shoutout Beard!
Have some !PIZZA


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Look at all those level-ups!
People are excited about !PIZZA, and they have every reason to be. Keep up the great work.

We hit 1003 then followed it up with an epic fail at 132 😂. Always nerve racking to hit that enter button wondering if I'll be the one shamed 😀 Looking forward to the 420 bash, always fun to see what the PIZZA events bring.

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Yeah , upgrade to level 2 driver. lets !PIZZA party

Looking forward for the 420 event!!
Have some !PIZZA

Great to see the progress of the project i love

Keep up the amazing work :)

Yeah Baroness finally! :D !PIZZA

hello, it is your brand new zupervisor speaking! :D

I don’t know about upcoming Bang!Defense scholar program. Think it’s a great idea.
Also Scholar and Scribe community is always active and has great content.

Pizza Guild is my best discover on Hive in 2022!!

Sent 0.1 PGM/LVL/1 STARBITS tokens to @stewie.wieno, @thebeardflex

remaining commands 5

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I'm a bot, if you want a hand ask @ zottone444

20th in my agenda as busy, with the !PIZZA crew lol, see ya there😎

!PIZZA for you. 😊

Best community ever!



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Happy 1 week before Chef's Birthday,lets celebrate all week long starting with the 420BASH! #pizzaforall

You guys are doing a great job!
I wanted to ask you something: in the wallet I have some $PIZZA tokens, since I'm Italian and we make good pizzas, I wanted to share them with you (ahahah).
How can I use them for delegation?

Thanks for the mention. I was determined to reach 200 staked before the end of the weekend. Now I'm reaching for the next level. I'm wondering how long before I make it.

@ritika13, sorry! You need more to stake more $PIZZA to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 20.0 PIZZA staked.

More $PIZZA is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

so glad being part of HIVE/PIZZA fam..