The Great PIZZA Gif War - Over $200 in prizes!

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Come one, come all! We want your gifs, they make us lul!

Okay... now that my bad rhymes are out of the way, we want to invite all of you to participate in the Great PIZZA GIF War of 2022! We're kicking off the year with some amazing giveaways in our Discord server and another awesome contest to bring the community together.

[The contest info is at the bottom]

In the PIZZA Discord server we have started to see some really amazing GIFs pop-up that have not only shown some awesome community creativity, but has also stirred some interesting debate when it comes to our epic Pineapple vs. No-Pineapple war.


As you can see, Team Pineapple has been stomping Team No-Pineapple in the ancient battle that is Pizza as more and more support rolls in for the pineapple delight.

Here are two recent gifs made by @hivetrending to support the battle:


Here are some awesome GIFs created by @stickupboys


Alongside the great PIZZA battle, we've started to see more general use PIZZA gifs popping up across Giphy and Tenor.

Here are a few that I created for the community to use:





We want to see more of these awesome gifs and we know there are some truly creative people out there in the community we'd like to reward for creating some!

From pineapple war gifs to general PIZZA community gifs to even fun memes, we want to see what ya got and we've got some great rewards for participation!

The top PIZZA token memes or GIFs will win the biggest rewards while we will choose UP TO 20 gif submissions to reward if we see enough high quality submissions! We will skip your submission if the gif is too grainy, low-quality, does not make sense, is out of context, or does not meet ToS/is NSFW.

Contest closes next Friday 1/14 at 11:59pm PST.


1st: $65 Value PIZZA Tokens
2nd: $30 Value PIZZA Tokens
3rd: $15 Value PIZZA Tokens
4th - 10th: $8.50 Value PIZZA Tokens
11th - 20th: $3.50 Value PIZZA tokens

Enter as many times as you like but make sure you submit at least 5 to qualify. Also, be sure to vote on the submissions you like best as we will consider the community votes when making our decisions!


  1. Each gif that you submit that we pick will earn you a point
  2. For example, if you submit all 5 of the required gifs to qualify and we choose all 5, you will earn 5 points
  3. You are allowed to submit more than 5 gifs, points do stack beyond 5
  4. At the end of the giveaway winner ranks will be determined by points awarded. If everyone has the same amount of points, winner ranks will be determined by our favorite gifs.

Here are the rules:

  1. Create and submit a minimum of 5 PIZZA token related GIFs
  2. GIFs must have the PIZZA logo
  3. GIFs must have text if the joke or meme is not obvious
  4. GIFs must be safe for work or Discord ToS / Tenor ToS / Giphy ToS appropriate so that we can use the ones we select
  5. GIFs must be decent quality. We reserve the right to use judgement here and will skip your submission if the quality is low. Refer to the statement above for more details.
  6. You must either post your submission in our Discord server using the pizza-gif-contest channel or by replying directly to this thread!

GOODLUCK and let's see those gifs!



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Contests are flying around in discord, how cool to make your own gifs. Ill be spending some time looking to make some cool gifs !PIZZA

Yumm moar !PIZZA gifs! great stuff! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Time to make some gifs. Just need someone to walk me through it lol. !PIZZA


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Ohhhhhh! Good luck! Those are some tasty rewards!

Please make sure you read the rules so your gifs qualify!



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so awesome I cannot wait to see what people come up with!

That's a fun contest... Saw this post here and made 2 gifs already.

I'm not a meme maker but this sounds fun! My only challenge is coming up with 5 good ones. :)


That's such a cool thing to do. I am having tons of fun with GIFs recently. The Cartel is stacking more PIZZA because you guys rock!

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Ok here we go lol