A Journey Full of Action And Adventure Begains. Far Cry 6.

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Hello Guys.

I've been playing Far Cry 5 for a few months and sharing this with you all. I still have much to complete on that game but it was getting kind of boring sharing one single game for a long time. Also, I have been eager since the day I upgraded my PC to play Far Cry 6. I wasn't starting it cause I wanted to keep the serial as I've played all the games of this saga serially. But, now that I got the story of Far Cry 5, I moved on to FC 6 anyway. I'll finish FC 5 but from now on my main focus will be on FC 6.

So, this gameplay contains the intro storyline of the game and some actions. It's pretty interesting and I'm sure you'll like it. The most amazing thing is the graphics of this game and you might not be seeing the maximum quality here. Cause, I was screen-recording the game while playing and the recorder burns a pretty good amount of RAM and CPU power while recording. I was not able to play at "Medium" graphics even though I can easily play this game at "ultra-high" graphics while not recording.

So, the story begins with how Anton Castillo forcefully makes the citizens of Yara work on a project he calls "Paradise". I captured the congressman and even killed some of them to make sure his power stayed still. He made a drug called Viviro and named it a cure for cancer and a road to paradise. He spoiled the lands with these poisonous plants and even those who work there get sick and die.

  • Giancarlo Esposito is one of my favorite actors and one of the main reasons I was so eager to play the game. The devs did a great job of building his character.

Screenshot (978).png

After the end of his speech, it turned out to be a podcast on tv and my character Dani was two others named Lita And Alejo.

Screenshot (981).png

Then all of a sudden there was a blackout in the whole city and the soldiers came into the city to take people to work on those fields. Alejo shouted at them and got shot brutally. And the next thing I knew, we were on the run to escape the city.

I sneaked out of the building and then crossed the road in front to get into the sewers so that we could easily cross the city. The building was already full of enemies and it wasn't easy to escape. Thanks to all those hours spent on Far Cry 5, I didn't have much problem cause they are kind of similar.

The sewers were dark and full of rats and shits. It was a thrilling scenario and to make it worse, there was a bunch of dead bodies inside a cage, that looked like died of hunger. Man, how cruel they can be for power!

Screenshot (996).png

After getting out of the sewers, now I had to sneak through the city to get to the docks to get on the boat to escape. All that chaos and destruction were a pretty good cover for me to get away from those soldiers. We mostly used the rooftops and gaps of buildings. There were soldiers everywhere and helicopters inspecting the area and these things escaped even harder. It was more of a parkour run. I'm sure you'll love this part.

Screenshot (1003).png

We finally reached the boat unharmed and also helped a boy with no money to get on the boat on Alejo's spot.

After a while our boat stopped and there was some shooting and then Anton Castillo himself came down the stairs. And Soon we regret helping that little boy to get on our ship, cause he's Diego Castillo. Anton's son. And while searching for him, he found our boat. But, Diego wasn't as bad as his father and had a good heart. After taking Diego, Anton shot down our boat. Last I saw we were drowning and also saw Lita get shot. And all of a sudden, everything was black.

Screenshot (1011).png

After I gained consciousness, I found myself on a beach and Lita was nearby too the bullet hit close to her heart and she was barely alive. After taking her last breath, she told me about Clara and the other members of the resistance and gave me a symbol so that they can know I'm a friend and they would help me.

Screenshot (1016).png

Man, till now the graphics were amazing but this Jungle graphics is way more cool. The detailing and everything are just on another level. I had to kill one of the soldiers barehanded to get through the gate. There were two more enemies but I was able to kill them easily using the pistol I got from the first soldier.

Screenshot (1019).png

After following the jungle road for a while, I finally found one of Clara's men who took me to her.

Screenshot (1023).png

After meeting Clara, there was a little argument between us and things even turned out to be kind of messy. It was because I was trying to convince her to run away and not to fight Castillo and she called me a "pussy" for that. but, after we had a little talk about it, things got back to normal and she appointed me to her team.

She had a little doubt about my capability and combat skills. So, I took a gun from one of the soldiers forcefully and pointed it right at her to prove myself.

After she approved my participation, she described the situation and the map of the place that we were stuck in.

Screenshot (1029).png

This was all for today. I'll be soon back with my mission stories and shots of more amazing views. The only thing mostly attracted me to this game was its graphics quality and the details. I hope you liked it and please let me know what you think about the graphics and the scenes of this game.

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