Beauty of Far Cry 5. Shots from all over Faith's region.

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Hello Guys

I've been playing the Far Cry saga for a long time. And I've finished FC 2,3 and 4. And all of them were amazing. But, far cry 5 has got the coolest graphics of them all. The amount the realism and details they put in there is amazing. And in today's post, I'm going to share some gaming photographs which will help you see how beautiful the map of the game is and how detailed they are.

Green Blue Nature Waterfall Photo Collage (2).jpg

The Famous Eden's Gate. This is the gate that leads to John Seed's statue and this road is used to connect all of Faith's control stations and bliss research drugs. Not, the resistance members use it to move cargo and gas on trucks and containers. Also, this is the road where I destroyed most of the drug-transferring trucks in the drug war.

Screenshot (823).png

I've seen the most realistic water graphics in Far Cry 5 so far. And as I've tried to learn Unreal Engine and stuff like that, I know how hard and time-consuming these processes are. I like the effects more. How the waves respond to your movement, the stream of the water affects your swimming speed and burns more energy when you're swimming upstream, and other things like that. And these planes are just amazing. They can't shoot like the helicopter I have, but they run fast and above the enemy radar. These are also easy to find at the ports in the river.

Screenshot (879).png

This was the place where I faced Faith's Gun-Boat army. This was my first bold move against Faith and God that fight was long as hell. Most of all, this is a great place for hunting valuable animals and the view is great too. I'm sure you notice the details put here. The sunlight leaves on the trees, the waves on the river, the smoke far in the jungle, etc. And the best thing is you can trace those objects. Unlike most of the games, the NPCs/objects don't just appear and disappear here.

Screenshot (791).png

The view of the valleys up the mountains is just as beautiful as the view of the lakes and rivers. And the realistic look makes the view more amazing. It feels like I'm standing on a tall mountain and looking at a beautiful valley.

Screenshot (818).png

Here's another beautiful scenery. And the cliffs you see on the far right side, are on the end of the map and a great place for Base-Jumping or Wingsuit-Jumping. I've done it many times while playing. It's adventurous and also a way of getting to places quickly when you don't have a car with you.

Screenshot (808).png

I hope you liked the images. I've installed a few more games and in my future posts, you'll get to see some more beautiful shots. And I believe you will like them. I'm mainly looking for some adventure games that include large maps and fighting. Please suggest me some.

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Hey, thanks for sharing your gaming moments with us again and I see you got quite some times again so welcome back.

The plane photo looks cool and the graphics of this game looks just beautiful.

It'd be great if you publish post within this community through ecency frontend which will help the community earning some points that might help to boost one of your content someday.

We look forward to see more of your special gaming moments.

Glad you liked it and I'll keep the ecency part in mind.

Sounds great, thanks.

Incredible images of Far Cry 5 landscapes. Thank you very much for sharing.

Thanks a lot for your generous comment.

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