Night Beauty of Far Cry 5. Full Moon Special.

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Hello Guys

Far Cry 5 is one of the games I've played and was impressed by the work of the graphics. Those designers are nothing less than great artists in my eyes. I've recently played this game a lot and will also share those gameplay videos. But, before I do that I wanted to share some of the special moments with you. And I choose the night theme for this specific post.

There's a reason behind this, normally every game has good graphics for the daytime. But, I've never seen such good quality graphics at night time. But, Far Cry 5 has separate graphics sets depending on the moon. This makes it more amazing. The images I'm going to share are all taken on a full moon night. It's wrong to say "a night" cause it was 2/3 nights and one of the images was also taken during the half moon and I'll explain it soon. Keep reading.

Green Blue Nature Waterfall Photo Collage (3).jpg

  • The pictures below show the moment while an enemy plane was inspecting the area. And because of the full moon in the sky, you can see the whole scenario. The details on the trees, clouds, and even the mountains in the far distance. All these make a great scene. Only if it was not a war zone and a fighter plane was not inspecting the area to kill us, the moment would be like a heavenly moment with a half-clear sky, full green view, full moon, and some cool breeze of air. I could feel it.
  • This one was taken while I was driving a speed boat on the river. Rivers on FC5 has such a great view surrounded by mountains and forests. And in the night, when you can see the shadows of those trees and mountains on the water and also the moon, makes the scene more amazing.

Screenshot (868).png

  • I was hunting at the moment. Hunting in the night is quite difficult due to the low light, but it makes the adventure more good. At night the chance of getting attacked by predator animals also increases. But, the full moon makes it a lot easier. And I also love to wander around in the forest enjoying such scenery.

  • The second image shows me fighting some moose with my companion. I was attacked by a horde of them. As I said, the chance of getting attacked increases in the night.

  • This one is a very tragic moment. I found it while running through the forest. This is a cruel scene of the cult army's torture. They first try to control the resistance warriors or innocent civilians using the bliss drugs. They continue to increase the power of the dose and also use the loved ones to some extent. And even if they don't submit after all that, the cults then move to the methods of torturing them. As you can see, they won't be kind or gentle while doing this. They even disrespect the dead by binding them and adding deer horns to their head. They do these to symbolize those who don't join them as animals and make a point of seeing them as superior to other humans.

Screenshot (876).png

  • The view of the whole forest from above the mountain looks also great. I was in a helicopter at that moment. My gun for hire was driving it and I was trying to knock off the enemy helicopter. But we were at a low altitude. Too much height ruins the view. The sky was kind of cloudy and that's why the view also looks kind of dull. As I wanted to share all the scenarios with you, I'm sharing this moment too.

Screenshot (349).png

  • This image is from a month-old gameplay of mine. I'm not only sharing this because of the great graphical view of it but also because this was a moment of great victory for me. This was the moment after I had killed Faith (who ruled the region) and then destroyed her main drug-producing factory.

Screenshot (724).png

  • Far Cry 5 has all sorts of elements to make it as realistic as possible. This billboard is a perfect representation of it. I captured it at the moment after liberating a cult outpost for the resistance and leaving with my helicopter.

Screenshot (781).png

I hope you liked my picture and the shots. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section. Also thanks a lot for your time and effort in reading my post to the end with patience.

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The night scenes in this game looks great. That cult army's torture scene tells me how cruel and badass this game can be. Happy gaming.