The Beauty Of Far Cry 5 Map From The Sky.

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Hello Everyone.

I just hopped into the community and seems like a great one to share some specific moments in the game. Thanks to @rashed.ifte for the invitation. For a long, I've been sharing my gameplay series posts about Far Cry 5. And by far the map and the scenery of this game impressed me a lot and I'd love to share those special moments with you all.

Green Blue Nature Waterfall Photo Collage.jpg

And I'd love to start with the shots I've taken from the sky. You'll see the beautiful scenery on the maps with the variety and how well they designed it with rivers, forests, cities, and mountains.

  • This Image was taken at Jacob's Region while I was on a mission to collect Grizzly Bear skin for medical research. You can see the beautiful combination of small mountains, a river crossing through, houses built on top of the hills and the most interesting thing is the race-ramp built in there. You can play a separate arcade game there.

Screenshot (580).png

  • This is an image taken recently in front of Joseph Seed's statue. My mission was to destroy that statue and just a few days ago I completed this mission and posted it. That was a hell of a statue. Took 5 RPG rockets to destroy it. Though the steal infrastructure remained intact.

Screenshot (606).png

  • This image was taken at John's Region while I was on a side mission to rescue the civilians of a town called Fall's End. This specific Town and the whole map are quite beautiful as far as I've seen. I'll share them in the future.

Screenshot (608).png

  • I was on a mission to catch a rare race of fish and there is this beautiful huge lake at the end of Faith's Region. The lake looks havely with its vast area and also because it's surrounded by forests and mountains.

Screenshot (371).png

  • This is the famous Raptor Peak mountain of Far Cry 5. This one is at Faith's Region. There's surely a higher mountain than this but this is the hardest. I've taken the screenshot from quite far away and because of this, it may look small. But it is not. You can land 3-5 helicopters on the sharp top of it. So guess the size. Moreover, there's no direct way to climb. Rope is the only way and that's what makes it more interesting and challenging too. I also love to jump from the peak with my wingsuit.

Screenshot (386).png

Well, I haven't written this type of post before and I hope you liked my first one. I'm open to suggestions and criticism. So, I'd appreciate some analytical comments. Thanks in advance.

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Thank You


Hello. Thank you for your contribution into the gaming photography community.

You did fantastic writing this type of post for the first time. I'm fascinated by the graphics and detailed landmarks of this game.

You can land 3-5 helicopters on the sharp top of it.

It really sounds impossible seeing that peak of the mountain from that far. Can you land the chopper there or can you climb there using the rope?

BTW, a correction - it's rashed.ifte not rashed-ifte.

We look forward to see more of your special gaming moments.

We suggest you check what others are contributing in this community and feel free to engage with them through your comments, upvotes and follows.


BTW, a correction - it's rashed.ifte not rashed-ifte.

Sorry for the mistake. I'll edit that.

And yes, you can land on the peak and climb to it. I did both of em.

Sorry for the mistake. I'll edit that.

Its alright, happens.

And yes, you can land on the peak and climb to it. I did both of em.

And I hope you'll show us such moments someday.

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Good luck with your mission to catch that rare fish 😄


It looks great dude, I like the sense of freedom you feel when looking at the pictures, my favourite is definitely the one of the statue. I'm a bit intrigued by the mission to destroy it haha, this game is one I want to try at some point.