Cryptex24. Exchange overview.

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Cryptex24 ( is a new crypto currency exchange with Ukrainian roots. Since it is registered in Estonia, the exchange has been licensed to operate by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, which is the Estonian Police Unit.
The stock exchange is using Bitcoin, various altcoins such as EOS, Ripple, Steem, Stellar, BinanceCoin, TRON;
Also, ASH from the innovative Ukrainian WEB 3.0 platform called “Aeneas” is being used alongside the main player of the Ukrainian crypto currency - Karbo.
The Exchange is also using Less-known local coins such as KNYGA, Beer, and cryptogame coin named CryptoBrewMaster (
In addition, cryptex24 was one of the first platforms to launch the coin of the HIVE project (, which is truly the first blockchain project of WEB 3.0, created by cryptocurrency community for its members, users and supporters.
USDTether by TRON, Hryvnia by GEOPay and CryptexDollar which is the US dollar-linked coin, are all used as stablecoins.
For more info see the video.

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