Miss investing and placement of cards

Hi Everyone
Today I am going to talk about my gameplay and how I see some of the mistakes that some players make when playing. In the attached match my opponent used a $30 card level 1(ANCIENT LICH) with a level 4 summoner. I think this was a mistake, when you level your summoners I think your monsters should also be leveled up to increase your chances of winning. The lesson learned here is that it's pointless to have a leveled-up summoner with unleveled monsters especially if you have some expensive monsters in your cards. Leveled up cards increases your chances of winning

Maybe my opponent was renting the card but then I think the 2.5dec / day which might have been used to rent this monster could be better invested in a leveled-up card. If the cards were delegated to the player, I think they were misplaced in the game.

Watch, enjoy and learn as I destroyed a leveled up summoner with some base level cards https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_fc2b00c648b8ff6ec0cd4eaab1a2a266&ref=coldaz