termite on above leaf

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termite on above leaf

I have prepared again, the pictures called leaf termites, the leaf power you see, are very different from other types of termites, because, this type of termite, is able to make holes, almost all, leaf branches, which are utilized, for the nest, which is covered with soil.

Another habit of this type of fly is to trap small insects, who like to play on the leaves, so they get dizzy quickly, until they become prey, the type of insects you see.


termite on above leaf

besides preying on small types of insects, such as:

  • small ant
  • insect eggs
  • ant eggs

Other foods, which like to eat this type of insect are:

  • fruit that has fallen from a tree
  • fruit skin that is still fresh.


termite on above leaf

the characteristics of this type of insect are :

  • has long legs
  • have wings
  • has slightly enlarged brown eyes
  • on the legs, has a white color
  • The movements are very fast and agile

You can pay attention, in the picture below, for more details.


termite on above leaf

hite liquid

The white liquid I mean above is, as you can see, in the picture above, the white liquid that is seen, on the back of this insect, will trap all other insects, to be the target of prey for this type of insect.

another insect, which tries to touch or drink this liquid, very quickly gets dizzy and dies, above the leaf.


termite on above leaf

Examples of insect traps

You can see, for example, an insect trying to drink, liquid placed, on a leaf, by a type of termite leaf insect, this, the target is a small beetle, which has stopped and no longer, visible walking movements. that means ... the little beetle, touched or drunk, the liquid that the termites put on the leaf, which is assumed to be ordinary water, by the beetle.

Other pictures that I photograph, you can see below, so you can see it more clearly.


termite on above leaf


termite on above leaf


termite on above leaf


termite on above leaf


termite on above leaf


termite on above leaf

that is what I can say, hopefully it will benefit all of you, who go to the forest, not only rain or dew, which is above the leaves, but there are many toxic liquids, above the leaves. which is put by insects, to trap their prey.

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Information and Community Steem

type insecttermite
LocationSp. Kramat Forest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens Camera Modif18-55mm
Photographer by@sultan-aceh


Nice photography.

thank you so much @dine77

Hewan yang satu ini kerap jadi santapan hewan lainnya, mungkin karena ukuran tubuhnya yang mungil. Biasa jih tarum, cicem, sep galak jih keu binatang jenis serangga nyoe 😃

Excellent work