unique and small orange insect

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unique and small orange insect

today, I will show again, insects that have an orange color, and have a very small body, with a characteristic color that is very bright, able to fly and disappear, in an instant, which we do not know of its existence.

types of insects, what I mean here are insects, seen in the image above, right I photographed on the face, which I photographed with a modified lens, you can see it, in the image above and below.


this is the real shape of the insect's face, which I told above, was able to fly at a very fast speed, until I had difficulty taking this picture, although it took a while, to find it again, this type of insect, then I could get, some pictures , as you can see again, below.


image above photo, I took a picture from the back, which is slightly sideways, so that this insect, does not fly too fast, because it listens to the sound of the camera. and the size of the camera lens tip. which leads to his face.

Next I took a picture from the top, so that the entire body could be seen, such as:

  • chief
  • body
  • wings
  • legs, which look a little.


like the picture below, slowly, I can take this picture, though, a little light that I get, but ... I can take a photo of this insect, before flying.


In the last picture below, you can see, clearly, these insects, are above the leaves, although some time after I took the picture below, the insects that you see in the photo. immediately flew, which I did not know, where it was heading.


so my explanation, about the types of insects, which live and develop, in the forest area, around where I live, thank you also for your visit who has seen and read, information about this type of insect.

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Information and Community Steem

Photographyleaf insect
LocationSp. Kramat Forest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens Camera Modif18-55mm
Photographer by@sultan-aceh


hehe, you are not sleeping, but are out snapping the beautiful pictures of it

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haven't done it until now
just a few hours I sleep
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Hilsen @sultan-aceh

Tangkapan gambar yang sangat Bagus, dan juga sangat terfokus, pada hewan tersebut, ini terlihat sangat Bagus, salam rindu untuk mu di sana bg @sultan-aceh (can that inan. Bg euh.) bagaimana kabar di sana bg..

thank you so much
glad to hear

sehat bang ... beu saban saban sehat disideh cit ok

Saya dapat melihatnya dengan jelas, jenis serangga pue teuma nyan, nyoe takheun lam bahasa Aceh ? Sabab bagah that jipee

thank you so much
glad to hear

Sama-sama rakan 😊

Brelent Post sir

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Salam kenal bg dari kami, di kancok

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So beautiful view

Natural beauty of the life

Thank you so much @noziking

Nature is beautiful in all its expressions.

@sultan-aceh @xpilar from we're did you get so much of insects but like to know the new species very good dear.