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RE: Indiaunited 2.0 - Active again with a lot more energy this time

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It's good to see the Indian community reviving back, and I am hopeful that we will keep the gear on with more and more fellow indians actively participating. I am not much on Discord but I will try to keep up with the updates.
I already have some delegation and I will increase my share, at the same time I will now remove the delegation from Steem, hope that would work.
Thank you once again for making this happen


Yes that will be great. We are no longer on steem and things are getting difficult on Steem. We are fully into hive now. Thanks for the delegation and ya now you get 80% share of the curation rewards as well. So, delegation can also be a good passive income opportunity. :)

Thank you so much for your long term support.

I have done the delegation.

Thank you so much :)

Awesome 👌 we already getting NRI investors here 😉....hahaha

Jokes apart, it's good to build on what we have started. Great to see people are enthusiast about it.

Hahaha.....very funny 😜
Yes, it would be nice to see more involvement from people in India and then soon we can have India Hive Fest 😀

With NRI investment.🤪...we can have a grand hive fiesta....and I belive if we can make it big will be the first one to do so....actually it's a nice make Indiaunited very popular..but maintaing a social distancing...😄