Te Manatu Park - Miko, Momo and the HoverAir X1 flying camera

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Here's an afternoon stroll around the park with Miko and Momo the labradors filmed on the HoverAir X1 flying camera. I hope you find it relaxing.

This is a three-jobs-at-once situation. I get to exercise myself, walk the dogs and try out the new drone's various features. I plan to take this drone to HiveFest, so it'll be good to set a small challenge to familiarise myself with it first.

Miko thinks that all drones are his personal toys, and he knocked this one out of the sky a couple of times. That was useful because I got to see how the drone reacted. I was impressed! This little drone detected the knock, regained control and then landed itself. It has good crash recovery and response, lightweight and enclosed propellers. Wow, the HoverAir X1 is a super safe little guy, so I had much more confidence to fly it around people at HiveFest.

The image quality is also decent, if somewhat over-saturated. There is too much contrast when flying into the sunlight. The drone was also surprisingly stable around slight breezes - the footage is relatively smooth.
Miko eventually calms down and lets the drone follow. He's pretty good when he's on a lead by himself, but Momo had never been lead trained, so she runs about sniffing things. When the dogs are on a Y-lead, Momo tends to drag Miko about, but it's easier walking them this way because they stop each other from straying too much.

My shoulder bag is a British Ministry of Defense Gas Mask Bag in MTP. This bag and the earlier C95 DPM gas-mask bags are great for electronic gear because they're a little padded, rugged, and protect against the elements. I have this bag slung on a modified shotgun sling to have a wider strap, and it sits where it feels comfortable. I'm wearing a DPM-patterned cool shirt with an MKM Originals Tasman Vest. The cool shirt covers my arms from the sun and provides cooling, while the vest prevents me from getting too cold. It worked, but I wouldn't say I liked the combo much compared to wearing a merino t-shirt. The vest is terrific - they also have it in jersey and hoodie form. It's just so warm, but being wool, it's not too warm.

The walk around the park is about 1 kilometre. When I have time and energy, I walk around a few times.

I completed this video before HiveFest but didn't upload it. I did take the HoverAir X1 to Mexico and shot more footage there. I'll upload some later.

Until next time.

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This is my first time hearing about this camera. I looked on the internet and the concept is very interesting. An excellent product for those who do not want to complicate with the remote control. Thanks for the contribution!


Yes, this drone fits a very interesting niche. I packed light for HiveFest (under 5kg), and this drone was perfect for that setup. The automatic programs are useful for repeatable shots, there is a manual mode. Yes, it has limitations, in manual mode it's a WiFi / Bluetooth drone so the range is limited and it's not very fast or responsive, especially compared to the FPV drones I normally to fly (50-100kph). Despite that, cool little guy ;)

There is no dog owner who is lucky like a retriever owner. They are just the most loving dog out there. I mean, right?

As the saying goes. All dog owners think they have the best dog in the world and all dog owners are correct.

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Great video thank tou

Personally, the beautiful work of drones gives me goose pimples. I love it so much and its always always beautiful to see people who really understand the techniques begind it. Welldone 👏

I was learning the basics of this particular drone. I'll publish footage from HiveFest that you'll like better. Each tool has its special uses that are difficult to replicate with something else, and it just takes a bit of time with the tool to learn what that is.

Looking forward to that. Thank you

@tipu curate

leisure time~~

Those dogs look wonderful. I haven't seen a lot of drone videos, but this one looks interesting. I like how it is able to follow you and the capture is still stable. My only concern is it seems to be flying a bit low. Is it easy to reach for adults?

Yes, in follow mode, the HoverAir X1 flies at my head height. That means anybody around my height can reach it. So, there does need to be some care because the drone doesn't have forward obstacle avoidance. But, like most things, you learn to lead the drone through obstacles (between the trees) or fly in clear space. If the drone bumps into something, then it restabilises and then automatically lands. I think that's quite acceptable for a drone of this weight and with propeller protection.

Your drone captured the perfect angle
I'm glad you controlled the drone well

I'm glad you enjoyed it. The drone has a lot of automatic features but, yeah, it does take some experimentation and familiarity to get the best out of the drone. More footage to come.

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