A Flight over Caen Hill Flight

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Hail to the Hive!

Every now and then I will make the effort to bring the drone along with me on a day out and it just pays off. This was one of those days, I couldn’t have been happier with the results.


It also really helped that the UK sun decided to turn up for one of its very rare appearances. The UK sun is very shy and I think a likes to hide behind the clouds….alot ⛅️.


We counted 29 locks in close succession in the Caen Hill flight which is a monster amount of work and that doesn’t include the locks along the canal both ways after the 29. I mean you would spend probably most of the day doing these to travel a distance you could walk in less than an hour.


But as much work as it is there’s something cool about doing the big flights of locks. You are literally traveling in historical footprints as you ascend or descend them. Living history Incall it, a living working, breathing museum.


These locks are wide enough for two narrowboats to navigate side by side, which means more hands cranking thenpaddles and opening and closing the gates.


The onses coming down here will pass the one thats just come up. The one on the right will pull in and allow the two to pass and enter the lock it will have just exited. They can ascend as the two continue their descent.


I’m including this vlog we did to give you more of an idea as it contains drone video and footage of the boats leaving and entering locks, gates closing etc to give some perspective

Let me know what you all think 🤔

  1. Huge Flight of Locks! Caen Hill, Looks like Hard Work to Me




Nice pics and interesting vlog. I guess I don't understand why they need so many locks on that stretch. It looks fairly flat and should easily do away with at least half if not 2/3 or more of them. Any insight as to why so many that close together?

The 29 locks spread over 2 miles and have a total elevation of 237 feet so a gradient of 1 in 44. All dug by hand over 200 years ago!

Wow, that's some impressive history. It must just look flatter from the pics than it is in real life. Great shots!

Yeah, it's deceptive. You don't realise how hilly it is until you have to walk back. 🙃

Just need a bigger drone to fly you back! lol

Haha! I love that idea 😂

Trust me its mad tomthink we have access to 2000 miles of this. I love this way of life

It's certainly unique and I'm sure great for surrounding wildlife.

Really awesome video my frenz.

Watched while sitting here in "Not So Sunny Sanford NC." waiting on e del. In the rain.

Haha amazing to think of you watching UK canal footage from your truck! Awesome. Home you are all good buddy! Great to hear from you



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Wow 😲, really awesome landscape, and it's just so green and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.!LUV

Nothing compares with the beautiful and unique perspective given by a flight! So much color, so much beauty!

It really does throw a whole different spin on things. I do love my little toys!

Gosh, loving how green and clean the place is🥰 seems like they're really taking care of it.

Its stunning isn't it! I thought throwing the video in as well would give some perspective on it also

Really well written, Beautiful Photos.