Tankardstown Copper Mine, IRELAND

in Drone2 years ago

Hello Hive Friends!

I have finally managed to get myself to creating my first post ever here in the drone community
The place in the footage is not far away from where I currently live hence, it's a great spot to practice flying with the drone
I was very lucky as the local airport expanded the no fly zone to this location no longer after I made these shots.

google maps Ireland.png
Source: Google map

I'll only reveal to you now the fact that this place was one of the most productive copper mines of the British Empire in Ireland in mid 19th century.
As you can imagine, the Irish people have seen fuck all from these natural treasures. All copper was being shipped to England by boats and for the Irish people, there was only the famine that was left. However, that's a completely different topic which I don't want to be going into right now, perhaps in one of my future posts.

Thumbnail Engine House.jpg




7x zoom




All the pics are pulled straight from the drone on auto settings, unedited and yeah, I took every one of them. :)

Thank you for stopping by and I'll really appreciate any kind of support cause we are all in this together.



Excellent drone footage and all on auto. How cool is that?
I had no idea that there was a copper mine in Ireland.
Going by the map it looks like it's not far from Waterford?

Actually, there were two copper mines on dat coast, but not much left from second one(just holes in d ground) and no, its not far from Waterford.. about 20 min drive..
a dats my only one video what i "edited" just added music and text into video. small steps.
Picture quality is amazing even on auto settings!

I'll be taking a trip to Waterford next time I'm in Ireland. It's a beautiful country with 40 varieties of rain 😂👍🏼
Video editing is great fun. I've been filming for years and editing most of that time.
It's a very time consuming process though.

yeah, dats right, 40 varieties of rain making them 50 shade of green and maybe dats why is Ireland so beautiful.
i dont like Waterford(shit hole).. i love country side.

Wow, what a beautiful area and seeing it from the air always gives a special touch to it. So much fun having a drone, right, and shooting these stunning landscapes...

Helou... u ar totally right, so much fun having drone. Its not just flying up to d sky, but placing drone on spots where u cant go with normal camera so u can see d world from different angle.

Yes, seeing the places from an angle we can't do it normally. That's amazing 🤩

Nice to see the green! We are all covered in white here today with a few inches of our first snow. Welcome to the group!

Thanks man! I like it here in group and ye should see more my posts coming here into community, cose i totally fall in love with hive. Dont have much drone footage yet, just starting but yeah, as far as weather is good ill be outside. we are not getting much of snow here, but wind and rain is crazy during d winter..

Nice shots there, amazing nature at sea.
It is interesting to see untouched nature (mostly), and the beauty of it along the sea. Great, love it.

Thanks! I appreciate it very much! And totally agree, "untouched" nature is top..

Savage shots man and with so much natural beauty surrounding us here in Ireland, there's sure to be many more similar posts from you.

Thanks! and totally agree.. Ireland is beautiful country.. all what i need now, is right blogers mindset.. ill get there..

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What a beautiful place and wonderful photos taked with your dron!! ❤️

Thanks so much and glad u loke it..😁

Beautiful shot!