As An Artist, This Is Part of My Birthright and Responsibility

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You can see, that this Sigil worked - because I see the Sylphs cleaning the sky now and we have a relationship. They let me see them and I feel love for them with my heart chakra open and pulsing.

As the Natural World grows more and more impeded by "humans" or by the Dark Occult Luciferians intent upon destroying it, I am becoming more activated.

To communicate with Nature - you can just go outside and start talking to Her. Talk to trees - but if you need help - this is what I do:

And then I just start talking to her. I have had some amazing experiences with this...

Another way to do it is to use art to communicate - and make a sigil that confirms that you can communicate.

Here's a post I made a while back with a Sigil to contact the Sylphs:

and here's where I blasted the chemtrails out of the sky with their help 5 years ago...

I was instructed to do botanical illustration - go outside and draw the prickly lettuce plant. Insodoing I will be drawing into my Aetheric Body: Nature. Nature is the only evidence we have of Truth on earth right now. Everything else is corrupt.

You can even draw your non-dominant hand with your dominant hand - you will still be Drawing Nature In by drawing a "God" made part of your own body.

Use the original "Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain Book" which you can get on ebay for $5. 1976. Or a little later - but not the most recent ones.

Now, don't get me wrong. This is not about the climate change psy-op. This is about connection with the cycles of Nature through Art Shamanism and Ritual as well as drawing from Nature and drawing the Aether into my body and soul through drawing from Nature.

The climate change psy-op also needs to be stopped. Recently I learned that in Wisconsin, they passed a law that Nature has rights.

It is true that Nature does have rights, however this is part of the climate change agenda and the el-ites preventing people from going into public lands.

I also recently heard that the Irish Witch, Biddy Early said that EMF's were going to prevent us from contacting the Fairies - I simply don't be-lie-ve it and I hope that people will contact them even more now.

If you are a pureblood, I am quite sure we will always have access to the Elemental world. God has not stopped talking to me. I still have miracles every day. That is contact with the Elemental world - and I am surrounded by about 83 towers within a 5 mile radius of my home. Here is a sigil I made to contact the Undines - the sea Elementals