Auragraph Now Made Into A Painting/Drawing For The Querant

in Art.3 months ago (edited)

Acrylic, Colored Pencil & Marker on Paper 8" x 14", 1/2024
Sigil: I follow the path guided by God through my heart to bring my unique
gift to the world.

I did this Auragraph for this person in November of 2022 - and since then she has gotten quite a bit of work from me in the Emotion Code / Body Code / Belief Code and has taken great risks and is advancing on her spiritual path.

She asked me to make her Auragraph into color painting, which I did today.

This picture which I did for her 2.5 years ago, is where she is today. She has faced the crossroads and taken a path to her psychic deepening.

She has put her Spiritual Aspect first as the leader of her senses, and she has entered into Merkaba Mysticism.

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So interesting!! did you encode the sigil into the painting?