November - Scorpio - Holy Nights Project 11

in Art.5 months ago

*Acryclic on Tissue on Paper *

Original Substrate

Honestly I have not been able to do too much with these since the drama - trauma with the bitch who was teaching the class - but I am at least trying to finish out the series. She and I have not spoken since she triangulated on me with her other friend who wanted "my place" just like elementary school - and then she melted down to get out of a team effort we were in together - in August.

I was just using her class to try to get back "into" art - which has become fairly meaningless to me now that humanity is on the crux of extinction or thriving.

I am not really into "art" for "art's sake" anymore. I feel released as if by a spirit.

In this day and age, I truly feel that "art" is training for something much more important - ways to use the eyes and hands for manifestation - so that we don't have to use the Archon based monetary system - we can just make things appear out of thin air, that we need -like we used to in the old days when we were animals - vs alien human hybrids, 400,000 years ago when the Annunaki came to earth and created humanity as a slave race...


The Archon based "art" world - is simply the Qlipoth - or the shell of the spiritual experience of manifestation and therefore it is evil.

I am just not feeling it for "art" - This is a self portrait of me and my feelings. My feelings are a big whale - not connected to me. I have wings. And I am pointed toward my subconscious mind - which is the source of all my feelings, beliefs and understandings in the world. Left hand on the whale which is what is connecting me.

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