October - Libra - Holy Nights Project 10

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Acrylic on tissue paper

The pink fish behind the other fish is the teacher of the class I was in that I am now no longer speaking to. She kind of looks like this as well.I am still sort of stuck, but I am committed to coming out of it - but I am still deeply hurt by the situation and what has been going on.

We had a meeting in which to straighten it out - but I was not able to participate because I became completely afraid - and knew that anything that I said would either endorse or oppose her cause - and it was clear that I had to maintain silence.

I made a video about it -

This is a brand new experience for me - because this is probably the first time that I have not just abandoned myself in order to fix a situation - so it's quite a remarkable experience. The teacher was very angry that I did not participate - because she just wants to fix it so she can feel comfortable coming to the community events - see it's not about the injustice - but rather about what she wants.


In my point of view, she should feel free to come to whatever but if she doesn't feel comfortable, that is on her - and for her to work out with herself - because she is too chickenshit to deal with what she did - and she wants me to say it's all better so she can be absolved of her guilt. I am not willing to do that - THIS TIME.

Along with this situation, I cut another crazy person out of my life this month - for similar reasons - so this is a big deal to me.

It's a turning point - but what do the 5 fish and the whale have to do with it?

The 5 fish represent the 5 points on the Pentagram - the 5 Elements - and the 5 Attributes of humankind - Intuition (Aether) at the top The Whale, Mental (Air), Emotion (Water), Desire (Fire), and Physical Needs (Earth). The Whale is in charge of keeping the other fish in alignment - and there is the pink fish - as the backdrop in this case - behind it all - with her agenda, and I am simply not going along with the status quo - all my fish are swimming in different directions


This is the original substrate - it's my birthday today actually - and I am still thrown off by this but it was the precursor for me to find out so much more regarding what training as an artist all these years really was about - it was about becoming a psychic healer - perfecting my imagination and my ability to convey images that I see accurately that has brought me to this point.

Creating visual art is the single most powerful thing individuals have at their disposal which is why the powers that should not be have gone out of their way to make it seem so minimal - but really - once you can draw and paint - you can heal other people because you can visualize their wellness and you can use your other senses to bring that picture into being in your "room" between your pituitary and your pineal gland in the center of your head - and then who needs big pharma. Absolutely they had to kill any potential awareness of this truth, the same way they had to make hemp illegal so they could own the finite number of trees and kill them off for their own benefit.

All so they could rule in hell rather than serve in heaven.

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Many happy blessings and conscious transformation to you, on your birth-day anniversary, dear friend @in2itiveart ... Great post: so much rich thinking-into-being.

Very interesting pictorial and conceptual work, in the informalist line and with great symbolic load. Greetings, @in2itiveart.

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