Solstice Ritual with Art

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"Chalk Pastel on black paper"

A group of us got together at a friend's house for a Solstice party and we each made a piece of the pie - our desire for 2024.
When we put it together it made a 13-pointed star in the middle.

This was taken with a wide-angled lens so it would normally look like this.


Meaning? Tristella Cross...


It means REVOLUTION!!! 1 + 3 is the TRINITY made manifest in the world. Father, Holy Spirit, Son/Sun, plus 1 equals - MANIFESTATION.

We are uniting in community and the creation of our art together is a powerful statement of action and declaration! The UNIVERSE supports UNITY! We gathered, we showed willingness and courage, and we created a statement!


this one is mine - it's about connecting Cosmic Energy with Earth Energy and NO MORE CHEMTRAILS!!!

This one is about coming apart and recreating something new.

The beauty of the Natural World - as expressed in the Aurora-Borealis


"Fearless Creative Flourishing"


The "fleur de lis" as the Dove of Peace flying out of chaos. The fleur de lis is the Lily which is about fertility and peace...

This one is about the Sun/Son awakening the people on Earth.

This one is upside down - the seeds, under the soil, grow into LOVE - and FOOD which nourishes us.


this one is about the NIGHT and the sacred place of night and darkness and the phospherus and the creatures that come out in the phosperesence.


This one is about a night shade blossom that illuminates beauty on the moon from EARTH


This one is about the Sun/Son and Wisdom as it changes us on EARTH.

This one is about the forces of Nature, like the Torus and the Natural Energies of Change.

this one is about music and creativity as the forces to bring this person and humanity back to Nature

This one is about the love of Nature restoring us to togetherness.

We are going to hopefully recreate monthly ritual to manifest our dream for the future IN PERSON... with ART.

They have tried to dumb us down so that we don't realize how powerful this is but they have stolen our cultural rituals and replaced them with TELL LIE VIS EYE ON.

I took mine home and hung it up on the wall as a "seed" for the year ahead.


The UNIVERSE supports UNITY! We gathered, we showed willingness and courage, and we created a statement!

Wow. Your posts are on another level and I just wish I had seen this prior to the solstice. I could feel there was something to do but I wasn't sure what. Well, now I know! Will bookmark this so I don't forget for next year.

Am completely blown away by the creativity of all your friends. Yours was most excellent with the mixing of cosmic with earth energy. The human antenna! This one with firm intentions. No more chemtrails! Ah yes, I am half way through reading "The Magic of Psychotronic Power" and loving it. Some great experiments in there with simple to follow instructions.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge and experience with us 🙏

Thank you so much Sam! I am so glad someone really appreciated it! I looked at your youtube channel and sent you a friend request on Facebook - to try to give you some support - you could do a New Moon Ritual on Jan 11 - and on the Full Moons - and every month until the spring Equinox - getting back in touch with the Mother - you know the New Moon is a great time to start things and then the full moon is a great time to check back in and use all that energy for a big push before the next new moon... i am sure you could get a few people to join you outside around the fire pit! We could be doing that as well, but everyone has scattered - since the Solstice. My friend and I are working on doing a "shadow puppet theater" in hopes to get community creative involvement. It's a long project - but I will post about it once we get started.

Okay, this is perfect!

I have things to start today...

New routines.

Will do as you say and check in with progress on the full moon for the 'big push' into the next moon.

Unfortunately no one is around tonight for the fire pit idea but perhaps I can make it happen next month.

Thanks for the facebook link. It was lovely to see your face there 🙏

Blessings! Even if you are the only one doing it - you will be led. I got more instruction a few days ago when I rubbed out a chemtrail plane and then said "Thy Will Be Done" and it completely disappeared in front of my eyes instead of my having to looking away and looking back. So that is another breadcrumb - saying "Thy Will Be Done" - I am getting my instruction when I am alone. After that, I commanded money to appear, because at this point, it is for the greater good if I could have income, and $20 appeared in my purse, randomly after that on the same day, I did a drawing while sitting in a meeting for an hour - and it was a picture of my partner with a demon behind him, that a shamanic practitioner had told me was there and I was able to use the drawing to push the demon into another dimension. I felt this was very impactful for the I went on to do another drawing of a gal I had just worked on energetically - of her completely healed and I made a sigil for her and I did another sigil for friends who need income to appear for the next 5 months...all this is coming to me - while I am alone. My friend shared this with me

which I think is a true story and a clue about the purpose of art. I am going to share it in my next post.

Thank you for this excellent message. I remember the words Thy Will Be Done from my childhood being used a lot in the confining religious context of my schooling, so am looking forward to using them in another more constructive way!

Love how many people have told me in the last few months how they are getting instruction when they are alone. I feel it too sometimes but more in the things I create. At the piano particularly where my fingers are guided to the notes which come next.

It seems like there really are no limitations with what our fingers can do for us! Awesome idea with the drawings.

Appreciate the YT film. This seems like something I should watch with the children :)


I thought the story was excellent. The children were captivated though a bit scared of the rat. Amazing tale to open the mind!

that's interesting that the children were afraid of the rat but their drawings from the Aether (God) can protect them!

I did try to explain the wondrous implications of this story but they are rather attracted to dramas at the moment! Will read it again in a few days (this time from my memory) and they will see it more clearly.