"Taking" A Picture Vs. "Drawing" A Picture

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This summer, my partner and I were driving the backroads and we saw some kit foxes in their den. We did not have a chance to "take" a picture - but I knew he wants me to do a piece of art for him about it... So I found this photograph online and I am using it for reference...


As I am drawing from the photograph - I am feeling in my heart chakra the difference between taking and drawing... I believe it is true that when I "take" a picture of Nature, I am stealing from Nature, whereas when I am drawing Nature, I am drawing from Source and therefore adding to Nature.

The "world" just wants pictures of Nature or images of Nature - but "it" doesn't care about Nature. The "world" wants Nature exterminated because Nature represents Freedom. The "world" doesn't want any representation of Freedom left for humans to yearn after. The "world" wants to distract humanity from Nature... so maybe we forget that WE are Nature...


What makes this piece special is that it IS Drawn from the Aether even though the source material was "taken". It is a memory that we both share... Therefore the ingredients are our memory, our love, and the Aetheric elements embedded in the paper. This is the Trinity of Creation.

Whereas "taking" a photograph digitally - 0s and 1s - is a form of theft. Os and 1s which make up the digital world - Zero - is The Fool which is God - and One is the Magician, but should be the High Priestess.

Think about it - when you have an idea that really is aligned it always comes in through Intuition - which is the High Priestess - and then The Magician should be Two - Action - bringing the forces of Nature into the physical realm. Unfortunately the Ancients in the days of old wanted to overcome Nature - so they made the Magician be number One.

What does this have to do with Drawing and Taking? The Ancient Priest Class that brought about what we have today wanted to "overcome" Nature and "be" Nature. They wanted to create a shell of Nature for themselves so they could be God - hence they made the Masculine principle come first after God - ie The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit - when it is really The Father, The Holy Spirit and the Son - or - Source, Intuition, Action/Manifestation - but when they misconstrued it - it became Taking.

Here we are - robbing Nature of all of Her "resources" vs. "Drawing" from the Aether. If only we were drawing from the Aether we would be Drawing from an unlimited Source instead of Taking from the manifested Source which is limited.

The purpose of Art is to emulate Nature, to worship Nature, to glorify Nature and to exemplify drawing from the Aether to enhance Nature.

Humans are a link between Nature and Cosmic Energies and Art is a physical manifestation of that link.

During the plandemic, I lost all interest in Art Creation - this after creating art daily since a small child. Since then I have been investigating the true purpose of Art - because I believe that was obfuscated by the Dark Luciferian Overlords for the purpose of stealing our Power.


Very nice practice nonetheless

well thank you!